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A good way to give your shower some extra waterproofing

If your shower or water surrounded tiles and grout is looking old and starting to lose its water proofing ability there is a solution that you can use to have an extra layer of piece of mind. Orbit’s Plumber Frankston¬†way has seen many showers that fail and start leaking due to old grout that needs a lift.

Our Mornington Plumber tells us that it is called Tile & Grout Sealer. This solution puts a layer of sealant over the entire surface of your tiles & grout and actually soaks into the grout to make it rock solid again. The Somerville Plumber has seen tragedy strike in showers when it is too late and when it becomes too late then you will need to replace your entire shower which can cost a lot of money.

Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers apply this sealant on with a paint roller and cover all surfaces to ensure the best possible outcome. It’s usually a great idea to follow this by applying new silicone sealant around in the corners to get the extra help to keep the water contained in the place it should be.

Plumber Somerville tile & grout sealer

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