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A Hand Shower outlet is a must | Orbit Plumbing

As maintenance Plumbers Mornington Peninsula wide, we often fix, rectify or replace tap ware of all kinds. We have seen a lot of different styles shapes and sizes of taps and even taps that are not working at all. This is one of the areas that we thrive in and we take a lot of pride on ensuring the best quality outcome for all of our customers. As our Plumber Somerville way has said before, there is no better feeling than seeing the amazement in our customers faces when they thought there taps where done for and we have made them glide like a brand new set once again.

On our journey through the plumbing world we have come to notice a new trend that has been catching on quickly and one that gives Frankston Plumbing clients more options when it comes to how they shower. We are of course talking about the Hand shower and no its not a shower that washes your hands although it could be if you wanted. The hand shower shown below is an offset hand shower. This means that the water point is offset to the center of the shower space and the shower rose itself is mounted central.

Orbit Plumbing’s, Mornington Plumber explains that hand showers are a great alternative to your standard fixed shower outlet. You can buy hand showers that go in place of the fixed outlet that only use the lugged elbow or water point to hold the entire hand shower to the wall. The entire contraption comes in one small piece and the outlet with the hose attached mounts directly onto the outlet mounting hook that is attached to the water point.

Having a hand shower means ease of cleaning not only the shower itself but you can move the outlet around and wash that soap off your back without moving. We have found that our customers think that hand showers are a fantastic invention and they are quickly replacing the fixed shower head.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula chrome Hand shower

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