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A Hot Water Plumbing Tip | Orbit Plumbing

Somerville plumbers at Orbit Plumbing have an important tip to tell our Mornington Peninsula plumbing customers. In addition to providing the highest quality plumbing service possible our Plumber Frankston and all of our plumbers care about the health and well being of you and your family. Please share this knowledge with your friends and family for their benefit.

Our Frankston South plumber wants all of our valued customers to know this one important tip: Never drink hot water from your plumbing products (taps for example) or use hot water straight from you tap to wash or prepare food. Water from your hot tap passes through several internal pipes that may contain rust and other chemicals that may be damaging to your health.

If you require hot water to drink or to prepare food, the best options are to boil water on your stove, boil a kettle or maybe consider having a boiling water tap installed in your kitchen by one our local and friendly Mornington plumbers.


Frankston Plumbers A Hot Water Plumbing Tip

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