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Are you insured for plumbing emergencies? | Orbit Plumbing

The worst part of insurance is that we are paying for something we hope that we will never need to use. Our Mornington Peninsula plumbing service are required to pay many insurances to ensure the safety of our plumbers, our tools and equipment and our customers.

A Plumber Frankston customer recently discovered a major leak in their main bathroom causing damage to their walls and flooring. A quick call to their insurance company resulted in the customer being reimbursed for the bill from our Somerville plumber and also for the repairs needed to make her home good as new!

Not all insurance packages are created equally and it is always best to check your policy with your particular insurance company. If your plumbing products cause an accident you may also be covered. At a job last week, our Mornington plumber assisted one of our customers who had arrived home earlier that day to find her washing machine had overflowed flooding her lounge room and freshly laid carpet. Luckily this customer also had the appropriate level of insurance to be saved from any out of pocket expenses.

Why not check in with your insurance so that if you ever need to –¬†you can count on your insurance agency.

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