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Be Careful of water leaks | Orbit Plumbing

Water leaks are most of the time unfortunately inevitable in older homes. They come at times when you least expect them and do more damage than you realize. Orbit Plumbing’s Plumber Mornington way was out on the day before Christmas on a call out that was the most unluckiest time for this to happen.

Water leaking in your roof space can slowly build up and soak into your insulation. This causes the insulation to swell and become heavy over a period of time. Our Frankston Plumber says it then adds extra pressure on the plaster fixings that keep the plaster on the ceiling in your home. Depending on the amount of water being lost your leak can cause sudden damage or slow damage over time. In essence it is probably better to have a leak that is sudden and fast as it is a lot easier to locate and rectify hoping that it did not cause to much damage to begin with. A slow leaking leak can slowly damage the building itself and cause mold, bacteria and disease to spread.

Obviously you need to be aware of your surroundings and keep a close look at what is happening at your property. With that in mind sometimes you just cant tell if there is a leak. An easy way to do your own test to see if your home has a water leak is to turn all of the taps off and then take note of your meter reading. Come back half an hour later and check if the meter reading has changed. Feel free to call Orbit Plumbing Somerville to rectify any burst pipes or water leaks you might have.

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