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We are lucky to live in modern times with roads, infrastructure and PLUMBING! We could ask anyone of our Mornington Peninsula plumbing customers how much time they spend thinking about how convenient plumbing products really are, our Somerville plumbers are pretty sure its not a very common thought..

Frankston plumbers question whether many people realize that the reason things like the plague and wide spread diseases are no longer rampant is all thanks to modern plumbing. The concept of bathing was first introduced by the Romans and Europeans decided after the fall of the Roman Empire to go against anything Roman.. like bathing.

Our Plumber Mornington way research suggests that this is the reason for so much disease, illness and such a high death toll. Luckily the concept of indoor plumbing was introduced in the late 19th century and we can use our plumbing products in daily life and not have to think about the risk of disease.

It is so lovely to have clean drinking water and somewhere to get rid of our poo. If only everyone in the world had the same luxury!


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