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Those flexible hoses that are just so darn unstable | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Peninsula Plumber often arrives at jobs to find the home flooded after the customer has been away from home for a period of time or even wakes up in the morning to find the carpet is saturated. This is not good for home owners as you could imagine if this happens it causes huge amount of damage needing the carpets to be replaced and sometimes even further the plaster, skirting boards, tiles, cabinets and anything else in the way of the water.

Our Plumber Frankston way notices that one of the main causes for a flooded home is that a flexible hose has burst. Looking at the photo below you can see that the stainless steel outer sheathing has sprung apart after the rubber hose has popped out. This can be caused due to inconsistencies in the rubber the manufacturer has used for their plumbing products.

A great way to prevent this tragedy happening at your home is to call our Somerville Plumber and arrange to have your flexible hoses replaced every 5 years or what the tag on the hose recommends.

Plumber Frankston Burst flexible hoses

We can connect to any brand piping | Orbit Plumbing

Plumbing Products and pipes a like can come in many different brands, materials and forms. To be honest, it’s really starting to get a bit silly with all of the different brands bringing out slightly different size pipes and fittings so that plumbers Frankston located stick to one brand rather than using multiple types.

Luckily our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers being the maintenance plumbers we are see a huge range of different piping and we have a vast knowledge of what is what and how to connect to these different pipes. We make use of the brand shark bite mostly as this brand offers easy converters from many other brands over to their brand.

Using this piping makes the job we complete for you faster as we are able to carry most stock to cover most situations, so we won’t be having to run back and forth to the plumbing supplies store to buy different brand piping. It also saves our Plumber Somerville a fortune on tools as if we had to buy every brand of tool, we would most likely be in trouble.

Plumber Somerville Buteline to sharkbite

The difference between standard mixers and special mixers | Orbit Plumbing

If you have called Orbit Plumbing Mornington looking to have a new mixer supplied and installed you will more than likely be asked what type of mixer you would like installed at your sink. Our Plumber Frankston can install a standard mixer or we can install something a bit more special.

Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers can install Sink mixers virtually in any kitchen or laundry sink and we can even install them on other types of basins or commercial fixtures on request.

A standard mixer is just a term that our Somerville Plumber uses to describe the most commonly installed type of mixer. This mixer can be seen in the top image and we will always recommend that you spend at least about $120 on one of these mixers to ensure you get something of a reasonable quality.

Now, something special refers to any other type of mixer and you can view an example of one of these mixers in the below photo. The mixer in the image is a goose neck mixer. These mixers range in price enormously although as a guide we would normally recommend that you spend a minimum of about $180 on a different style sink mixer so again you can ensure the quality is going to last.

If you have a look through some of the plumbing stores you will find that the more you pay the higher quality your tap ware will be.

Plumber Somerville new standard kitchen mixer Plumber Mornington Peninsula Gooseneck Pin Lever Kitchen sink Mixer

The Rinnai Spectrum Space Heater | Orbit Plumbing

The Rinnai Spectrum Space heater is one of the most commonly sold space heaters that our Plumber Frankston way installs. Rinnai is a very trusted and respected brand that Australians have been using to heat there homes for as long as we can remember at Orbit Plumbing Mornington.

This space heater is a very efficient way of heating small homes as it only uses 28 mega joules per hour when running at full speed. This is a much cheaper alternative than the conventional ducted heater that may run on 85 mega joules per hour, 150 mega joules per hour or more.

These space heater can run on natural gas or LPG which gives almost everyone the option to own one and they also have an electric ignition which means that it lights the first time every time as long as the gas is getting to the unit.

Our Mornington Peninsula plumbers explain that these heaters have a 2 speed fan function and come in a beige or brown color. These heaters are great to heat a small home, unit or very large room.

Plumber Somerville Rinnai Spectrum

Lets renovate your bathroom | Orbit Plumbing

There can be some clear indicators that you need an Orbit Plumber Mornington Peninsula to renovate or rectify your bathroom. Your plumbing products and fixtures are usually falling apart.

If you see that the grout in between your shower tiles are starting to crack and fall apart this means your tiles are most probably very old and may not even be holding water anymore. Your taps may be very stiff and hard to turn off and your shower outlet may be falling down constantly.

If you have a bath and you have a water leak getting under the tiles for example you could be in a world of trouble. Our Frankston plumbers have seen hot water leaks under tiles before that virtually turn your bathroom floor into a similar thing to Hydronic heating although with these warm tiles it grows bacteria and mold and is not good for the health of your family.

Contact Orbit Plumbing Mornington if you would like to freshen up your bathroom, and don’t forget that the work you have done will add value to your property so if your planning on selling, the home will be worth more.

Plumber Somerville New shower taps Plumber Mornington upright bath mixer installation Plumber Mornington Peninsula Toilet installed

We can make your job happen | Orbit Plumbing

There are a lot of jobs that may be too hard for most Mornington Peninsula plumbers to complete or they may think that it is not worth the profit to do the job so they may turn you away. At Orbit Plumbing Frankston we are here to complete any Plumber Mornington job you have.

We will not turn you away if you have a small job, we will endeavor to make sure your Somerville Plumber job is completed and done to the finest quality possible. As maintenance plumbers we do small jobs all the time and on a daily basis so we will be there with bells on.

Some jobs can be very difficult like the picture below that shows piping running just under the roofing tiles. At this job there was no roof space so it required removing a lot of tiles to get the job done to the Victorian building authority Plumbing regulations. Our Plumbers are not scared of getting their hands dirty so you can count on us.

Plumber Somerville Caroma seating washer Plumber Mornington pipe work under tiles

We are here for you | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers are called out for a number of different reasons. We are proud of the excellent reputation we have built with our customers and we want to continue delivering the best service we possibly can.

Our Plumber Frankston way and Mornington Plumbers are experts in all things plumbing related. We want our customers to feel comfortable knowing that they can rely on Orbit Plumbing Somerville to deliver a service that will come when we say we will be there and we will rectify any issue you send our way.

If for some reason the problem that occurs is out of our realm, then we will help you to find a solution to rectify the situation although if it is plumbing related then you would be hard pressed to find a situation that we couldn’t help you out with. Our main concern is that you are pleased with the end result of the job and how it was conducted.

Plumber Somerville Orbit Plumbing Van 2

Storm water ground drain | Orbit Plumbing

Managing the storm water around your home is an important part of home maintenance. Water has shaped the world around us and let our Plumber Mornington way tell you it can shape the structure of your home as well.

A storm water ground water drain can be a great solution to catch water running off any paved or concreted area. Orbit’s Somerville Plumber also explains that these pits can be used as access points to rectify any blockages that may occur and even act as an overflow point in case there is a huge amount of rain that the storm water pipes can not handle.

The pit you can see below in the image is a point of connection for a down pipe which runs into the storm water pit and then the pipe running straight down in the pit runs directly into the main storm water piping running on the side of this property. Our Frankston Plumber completed this job and if you look closely you can see that the pipe running down into the main pipe is actually sticking up a little out of the bottom of the pit. Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumber has said this is done so that any solids that may go into the pit can be cleaned out before going into the main storm water drain.

Plumber Somerville Installed ground drain

Fantastic fun with Pillar Taps | Orbit Plumbing

Pillar taps are an older style of taps that is very rarely used these days. They are plumbing products that delivers water as one cold tap outlet and one hot tap outlet rather than the conventional type of tap ware that will mix the hot and cold to give you a tempered temperature of water delivery.

To the surprise of our Plumber Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Plumber these types of taps are still actually a lot more common than you would think although no where near as common as the water mixing type. There are still some people who prefer this style of tap ware but it is definitely on it’s way out completely.

Our Somerville Plumber thinks that Pillar taps are a useless invention in basins unless you have a dedicated tempering valve running to the hot tap to bring the temperature down to a temperature that your hands can withstand. Using the hot tap without a tempering valve will almost surely burn your hands and there would be no way to bring that temperature down.

A good fix if you have pillar taps is that we could send our Mornington Plumber to replace the basin and install a new mixer tap in place of your old pillar taps. That way you can make use of some warm water while washing your hands.

Plumber Somerville hob pillar taps installed onto basin

Gas lines and the importance of getting them right | Orbit Plumbing

Gas is an extremely dangerous substance and can be deadly if it is not treated with the respect it deserves both during an installation and after when the gas is being used. Our Plumber Frankston situated is an expert in everything gas and can ensure your gas line is installed the way it should be.

Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumber has been very clear about the way a gas line should be installed. The Somerville plumbers installing the gas line should be very precise on using the correct size pipe or larger to make sure that you will always have a sufficient amount of gas supply feeding your appliances and plumbing products.

Special care must be taken to consider what the amount of gas being used would be if all of the gas appliances are running at the same time. This is so important because in the scenario that this would happen and for example you would run your stove top or heater and there was not enough gas supply feeding the burners, there would not be enough gas for the flame to combust properly.

If they flame is not burning efficiently it will let off a yellow color. This yellow color flame is a chemical reaction happening inside the flame that releases carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide would then be leaking into the room. It has no warning signs and is incredibly dangerous for humans to inhale. You wont even know what has happened, you will just die without breathing the correct amount of oxygen.

Plumber Somerville 50mm Poly Gas line

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