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The Outlet Valve Seating Washer

These outlet valve seating washers are a nuisance to thousands of homes on the Mornington Peninsula Plumbers area. There must be literally thousands of toilets that need this washer replaced. What it actually is, is a small rubber seal that sits inside your cisterns right at the bottom of the flush valve. This rubber seating washer creates the seal that determines whether or not to hold the water inside your cistern or let it out. So when the button is pressed, the seating washer lifts of the bottom of the cistern and allows the water to escape out of the hole in the bottom of the cistern that connects to the pan.

If you look at the first image on the computer you will see a worn out seating washer. You can tell by looking at this that if it was used to seal a hole and try to keep a couple of litres of water in a cistern that it would not do to much good. The best thing to do in this situation is to just give Orbit Plumbing Frankston a call and we can talk you through your options. There are many other reasons why your toilet may be leaking although this is generally the most common cause.

Plumber Somerville worn Cistern outlet sealPlumber Mornington New Cistern outlet seal


Water Temperatures for plumbing fixtures further explained

The Australian Standards for Hot water are very strict and must be adhered to by our Plumber Frankston based and Mornington Peninsula Plumbers wide. Stored Hot water must be stored above 60 degrees Celsius and this is to avoid the likelihood of the growth of legionella bacteria.

When your hot water is delivered by an instantaneous hot water system, this storage temperature does not apply as the instant hot water unit’s do not actually store any hot water, they just instantly deliver it. This means they use a lot higher amount of gas in a quick burst rather than using a lower mega joule rating over longer period of times.

The delivery temperature of water refers to the temperature that the water exits out of the spout or outlet of your plumbing products and these regulations also needs to be strictly followed to prevent anyone from getting burned.

In Victoria the Victorian Building Authority require plumbers to set the temperature to 45 degrees Celsius at the outlet of sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes for the aged, the sick, children or people with disabilities in healthcare and aged care. The outlet temperature for sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes for all other situations is 50 degrees Celsius.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula 50 degrees water temperature

The Aquamax 390SS Hot Water System

Plumbers Mornington Peninsula based and most probably all over the rest of the state would have over the years come to know, love and recommend the Aquamax 390SS hot water unit to a majority of their customers in need of a new hot water unit, our plumber Frankston being the main suburb he works in certainly does so!

Somerville plumbing company Orbit Plumbing say that the Aquamax 390SS hot water unit is a reliable option as far as plumbing products go, its quality construction makes for a long life meaning the home owner can most likely enjoy more than 10 years of hot water from this unit before having to arrange for a replacement or repair any parts. Should there be nay issue before that time the manufacturer offers a warranty on many of the components.

From time to time our Mornington plumber has been called upon to replace some of the smaller parts in these units which can greatly extend the life of the hot water service but each is a case by case situation no 2 units are the same once they have been used as each and every one of us use hot water at different times for different lengths which affects the unit in a unique way.

Plumber Mornington Aquamax 390SS Hot water unit

Davey Pumps

Davey pumps are the bee’s knees of Pumps and offer some of the best quality and longest life spans in Australia. If you require a new pump you should always try to get a Davey Pump installed at your property rather than something cheap. Our Plumber Mornington Peninsula can assure you that choosing Davey is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to installing a Pump.

Pumps come in all shapes and sizes and are used for a wide variety of things. Orbit’s Frankston Plumber explains that some of these include:

  1. Potable Water Pumps – These pumps are usually used in conjunction with a filtration system that feeds water from your collection tank and into your home. You would find these in areas that do not have mains water supply running to the house.
  2. Effluent Pumps – Effluent Pumps can be installed in pump wells or secondary treatment plants and are used to push your effluent up-hill in situations where you may not have sufficient space for natural fall to disperse your effluent.
  3. Rain water pumps – If you have a tank collecting your storm water then more than likely you will have a rain water pump. These can be used to feed taps, toilets and washing machines.
  4. Macerating pumps – A macerating pump has a pulverising function inside the pump. This is good in situation where you may have some fluid that will have some solids in it. The solids are crushed up and sent through with the liquid.
  5. Pool Pumps – Davey has a large variety of pool pumps that can cater for pretty much all sizes of pools. They are installed with filters and water heaters to make your pool as comfortable as possible.

Plumber Mornington Davey Vortex Sump Pump

Duct work

Can you see whats wrong with this picture? It was taken by our investigative plumber Mornington was the location of the roof and this image was captured before the plumber had commenced any repairative works. The Mornington Peninsula plumbing client had just purchased a new home and called Orbit Plumbing to arrange for our Somerville plumber to come and inspect their new home for any possible issues or problems with the plumbing products and appliances.

This is a service that not many people take advantage of but could benefit greatly from as in this job as our Frankston plumber explains, the silver ducts shown had been poorly installed by the original plumber as the correct procedure involves using a plastic strapping tape to secure the ducts around the wooden roof beams instead of leaving them lying on top of the insulation potentially causing condensation and dampness, resulting in serious damage to the ceiling underneath from the hot ducts.

Plumber Somerville Duct work not hung up

Upright Cooker Installations

Upright cooker installations should always be installed by a licensed Plumber Frankston and gas fitter as they can cause serious harm to young children or anyone else who comes in contact with them. New regulations have come into place in Victoria recently to protect the flexible hose connections from deteriorating to quickly. The new regulations say that the flexible hose should be facing in a downwards position and the hose should not have a bend in it under 150mm wide. This is an important regulation as it keeps the flexible hose from being strained and potentially fraying or rusting out sooner that it should.

If you think about it, Upright cooker’s are used to heat food. This means they can become extremely hot and precautions need to be in place to prevent little ones from grabbing hold of the oven handle and pulling them over onto them selves. As much as we all would like to perfect parents, it is difficult to keep an eye on our little ones at every waking minute of the day. Luckily part of the Victorian Plumbing regulations keep this prevented by making sure plumbers are installing upright cooker’s with the correct type of restraints. Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers will always ensure they the upright cookers we install are safe and your loved ones can not be harmed by them.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula Correct way to Install upright cooker flexible hose

The joys of being a Plumber

Our plumber Somerville local – Daniel, spends just about every waking minute thinking about how to run our team of Mornington Peninsula plumbers more effectively and efficiently for the benefit of the staff, Daniel’s family and our community. As it is commonly thought that being say a Mornington plumber is a highly lucrative career, the physically demanding work required as well as the exorbitant costs of not only parts, tools and materials but also the everyday costs involved in running a professional business along with added extras like license renewals and professional development is often overlooked or not considered at all.

Finding plumbers Frankston way is usually quite an easy task and whether you need some pesky plumbing products sorted out possibly replaced altogether, or some other routine plumbing maintenance, our team of friendly and hard working tradesmen have a fantastic reputation, are passionate and take pride in the work the do. Give Orbit Plumbing a go and see for yourself what make us so special.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula Daniel crawling under house

Clearing a blocked toilet the right way | Orbit Plumbing

Plumbers Mornington Peninsula wide are called upon daily for their expert skills in rectifying blocked toilets and our Somerville plumbing company Orbit Plumbing are no exception to this. On some occasions, the cause of a blockage is much further along then first thought and a series of specialised techniques are performed to solve the problem by our ever talented Mornington plumbers. In less troublesome cases, the blockage is still in close proximity to the plumbing products being affected. Our plumber Frankston located thought he could share the process of how to clear a simple blocked toilet the same way as a professional:

Firstly you will need a basic rubber or plastic plunger.

Deploy the plunger firmly into the bottom of the bowl, ensuring you have created a tight seal.

Start pumping up and down with the plunger so that a cyclone like effect is created inside the toilet waste pipe.

Repeat this process until the blockage has cleared.

If this technique fails to disrupt the obstruction, call our friendly team on 0447 007 178

Plumber Somerville Blocked toilet Pan

TERMITES | Orbit Plumbing

It is truly frightening to know that our Frankston plumber found this cluster of termites less than 5 metres away from our customers home! He required a plumber Somerville way to clear a storm water blockage. It was quite an involved job, luckily our Mornington Peninsula plumbing company have all the required tools, equipment and skills to rectify even a major blocked drain.

During the process of repairing the blockage and therefore restoring working order to the plumbing products in our customers home, we were required to dig down to the storm water piping to replace the damaged section when we discovered these little critters and immediately notified the home owner of the termites presence. He was shocked to learn this and urgently arranged for a professional pest control service to eradicate the infestation before it reached his home and could have caused devastating consequences.

While our plumbers Mornington and beyond very rarely come across pest infestations they are well aware of how important it is to ensure home owners are protected against this serious problem. A service is available where materials containing pest repellent are permanently fixed around the entire perimeter of your house making pests unable to cause chaos for your home and recommends all home owners to research and consider this option.

Plumber Somerville Termites

Keep your ground water under control | Orbit Plumbing

Plumbers Mornington and peninsula wide come across many properties struggling to maintain a balanced level of moisture in their ground. Often one of the issues is when water becomes trapped underground with nowhere to go and drain away, if this is happening especially in close proximity to your house or other permanent structures containing plumbing products, it could potentially cause movement in the slab or footings as the water can make the ground underneath the swell and contract.

One means our Somerville plumbers use to combat this issue is installing an underground pump to process the extra water and redirect it to higher ground where it can be properly processed and drained away from your property via the stormwater network.

We can arrange to have a plumber Frankston bound or whatever town you are from to come and resolve your issue with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience to you and your family.

Call 0447 007 178.

Plumber Mornington Ground water management

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