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Plumbing Safely | Orbit Plumbing

At Orbit Plumbing Frankston we take our Safety very seriously. Everyone wants to go home safe and feel like they are well. We take special precautions to ensure that we work in the safest way possible. All of our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers have their own safety bag which contains protection against one of the dangerous career choices out there.

Lets start with one of the most dangerous jobs a Plumber Mornington does on a regular basis, using a Demo saw to cut through concrete. now this tool is extremely power full. If you hold it the wrong way they are prone to flip up and cut your arms off. If one of our Somerville Plumbers where to be cutting they would first be trained on how to use the tool correctly before attempting it on their own. While using the demo saw they would have ear plugs and ear muffs on to block out the extreme noise, they would have full Safety Glasses that cover all the way around the side of their eyes properly so to stop any concrete pieces flying up, they would have a gas mask on to protect them from the concrete dust entering their lungs as well as making sure the filters are replaced regularly, they would be wearing safety gloves for better grip and protection from small objects, knee pads to protect their knees from being in pain on hard concrete and of course proper feet protection.

So as you can see only doing one task requires quite a lot of Personal Protective Equipment. Its also very important to make sure that the area is blocked off properly with signage so no one else enters the working zone as they could possibly come into harms way.

When our Frankston South Plumber is installing Plumbing Products in a high location like changing double story gutters for example we will always make sure we use the right equipment such as a scissor lift or boom lift as it is to dangerous installing double story gutters on a house with a long ladder.

At the end of the day taking shortcuts with safety may make your job go faster and cost the customer less although no ones life is worth risking anything for any amount of money.

Plumber Mornington Safety First Sign

Gas Awareness | Orbit Plumbing

At Orbit Plumbing Somerville, we take gas extremely seriously. When our Orbit Plumber Mornington come’s to your home to work on your gas line or install a gas appliance at all the very first thing we will do is put a gas test on to check for any leakage. If your gas line has a leak in it, we will inform you that we will either have to find the gas leak immediately and rectify the situation or disconnect your gas meter and alert the gas authorities.

Having gas leaking can be a serious problem and cause death to you and your entire family. So this is something that you should be wary of. If you smell gas at all then the first thing you should do is get your family outside into a well ventilated area and head straight to you gas meter to turn it off. After that’s been done call Orbit Plumbing and one of our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers will be out in no time to investigate and rectify the problem.

You should aim to have your Gas plumbing products serviced regularly. Orbits Frankston Plumbers say you may not know if your gas line is already undersized. If it is it could be in serious danger as your appliances might be leaking carbon monoxide. A good indication of this is if you have a heater or stove top you could see if the gas is combusting properly. You should see a blue flame. If the flame is orange it means that it is leaking Carbon Monoxide when being used.

Your gas line may have been sized correctly when the house was built although it may now be undersized due to other occupants installing other appliances into that same line without bothering to make sure the line can handle the extra mega joules of that particular appliance along with everything else that is already installed. If this is the case and you suspect your gas line might be undersized it is extremely important for your family’s safety that you rectify this issue.

Call Orbit Plumbing to rectify your gas leaks all over the Mornington Peninsula and the south Eastern suburbs Plumber region including some of the following areas:

Plumber Mornington Gas Awareness

The Property Market is Going Up Up Up, Renovate your home to sell High | Orbit Plumbing

Firstly let me say I am a Somerville Plumber, not a real estate agent. My advice in this post is just from my experience and what i have witnessed myself so please take this information how you choose but keep in mind i’m no expert at real estate.

Lately the real estate market has been sky rocketing and more and more people are looking for a house to buy every day. The new home buyers grant will come in at 1st of July which will mean first home buyers will not pay any stamp duty at all. We believe that after the 1st of July would be a great time to sell your property.

A lot of first home buyers and all other buyers want to move into a modern looking house that does not require them to stretch their budget after the purchase of their new home to make the home look more presentable. There are a lot of little things our Frankston South Plumber can do to your house before selling to bring up the value at a minimum expense to yourself. Of course you could spend huge dollars as well and make your home immaculate before selling to try your best at a massive profit although you should keep in mind the sky limit pricing for your area.

Our Plumber Frankston explains what you can do in a bathroom to bring in that fresh look. Change your old oval shaped basins for a more modern square shape basins and change the taps over to mixers. You can also change that dirty old 3 slider shower door for a semi frame less screen. It would also be a great idea to swap old plastic tap ware for new chrome taps. This is a great way to make your bathroom look modern and attractive to home buyers.

The Laundry is our Mornington Plumbers domain and he says that you should swap those old manky taps for a new mixer in the sink or trough and change over your washing machine stops for new modern chrome ceramic disc washing Machine stops.

Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers work in kitchens all the time as you can imagine they have a lot of plumbing products contained within them. A great way to bring it to life is to again swap your tap ware over for a new mixer. Evaluate the quality of your stove top or upright cooker. If it is old and disgusting then this could turn potential buyers away. Usually the Range hood is also an ancient looking device and swapping over these cooking appliances for new modern stainless steel appliances can make a huge difference. We recommend you make sure your dishwasher if you have one does not bring the quality of the space down and if so you should consider a replacement.


Plumber Mornington New Basin and Mixer

Water Temperatures Around your Home | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing Somerville take water temperatures very seriously. Most people don’t realize how quickly you can be in serious harm by using your plumbing products at temperatures that are to hot for your skin to handle. The Victorian Building Authority have very strict guidelines for hot water, how it is stored and delivered.

When you start to become older in age your senses start to become less sensitive including your sense of touch. A lot of elderly people can not feel hotter temperatures like younger people can. Also Kids being kids can unintentionally put themselves into a position where they may get burned by hot water. These are the reasons that hot water is such an important factor to keep in mind especially for when Mornington Plumbers are installing hot water services.

Our trustee Plumber Frankston explains that even at 49 degrees Celsius you will receive a major burn after 5 minutes. If your Hot water is delivered at 68 degrees Celsius you will receive major burns within 1 second. This is why it is so very important that all of our Mornington Penionsula Plumbers treat hot water with the utmost respect.

Our Frankston South Plumber tells us that most hot water cylinders actually hold their water at around 70 degrees Celsius inside the cylinder and it is up to our Mount Eliza Plumber and Mount Martha Plumbers just like all other plumbers to ensure that the water is not delivered through to the outlet of the plumbing products at that temperature.

There are multiple methods of delivering hot water depending on the hot water system you have in place although there are some general rules when it comes to hot water that our Pearcedale Plumber must abide by. These are that the water temperature at any outlets must not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. For early childhood centers, schools, nursing homes or similar situations like the home of very elderly people the temperature limit requirement is 45 degrees Celsius.

If you have a storage hot water unit, the hot water is normally stored at 70 degrees Celsius. The Victorian Building authorities regulations are that it must be stored at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius to kill legionella bacteria. The manufacturers just take it up a notch just to be safe.


Plumber Frankston Tempered Water Plumber Frankston Water Temperatures in your home

UV Protection for Gas Piping | Orbit Plumbing

There are so many different brands and types of gas piping. Unfortunately for our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers this means constantly finding new ways to connect to different piping types. It seems silly but plumbers use what brand they choose rather than a universal piping systems that a Plumber Frankston bound could just use the one tool for.

Being Maintenance Somerville Plumbers we come across everything and are forced to find a solution to connect. This means using many different types of tools or sometimes the quickest way to fix a solution is go back in the line until we find a threaded fitting that we can disconnect the other type of plumbing products pipe from and connect our own piping that we carry.

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Plumber explains that gas piping comes in not just many different brands but also many different types of material types such as Copper, Steel, Polyamide, Polyethylene, PVC & more. A lot of these types of materials have different properties restrictions. One of the more important ones being that the piping can handle direct sunlight. This Polyethelyne pipe in the photo was installed by another plumbing company and was noticed by our Balnarring Plumber who was working on a different project on the property.

Our Frankston South Plumber explains to us that this Polyethylene piping can not be installed in a position where it could be exposed to the direct sunlight as the pipe is not designed to handle the conditions the sun exposes to it. The pipe eventually weakens and becomes unstable and fragile increasing the risk of a leak in the gas line.

We carry UV protective Duct Tape in our van so we tapped up the exposed pipe to protect it temporarily from the sunlight and informed the customer that they needed to get in touch with the plumber who installed it to correct this mistake.


Plumber Mornington Protected Gas Pipe After Plumber Mornington Unprotected Gas Pipe Before

Could your kids be the reason for plumbing issues? | Orbit Plumbing

Could your kids be the reason for plumbing issues?

Most of our Somerville plumbers can tell within seconds of walking into a Mornington Peninsula plumbing customers home, whether the family have children or not. Obvious signs are toys and toy boxes, brightly colored rooms with superhero bedspreads and foam letters and stickers around the bath tube. Less obvious signs that our Frankston plumbers often find can be deep within the plumbing network around your home.

Just last week our Mornington plumber was called out to an immaculate home to fix a blocked pipe. After clearing the pipe, the customer asked our plumber what the cause of the blockage was, the plumber lead her over to a pile of decent sized rocks that had been blocking the flow of water. Our customer was puzzled as to how the rocks could possibly get into her pipe network. The most obvious answer, according to our Plumber Frankston is that the children had invented a fun game by finding rocks and throwing them into the overflow relief gully..

Many shower blockages are also the result of children sticking objects like toys, bars of soap, one of our plumbers even found 2 golf balls down a shower drain once! The best way to avoid activities like this from occurring and damaging your plumbing products and also costing you money for a plumber to repair or replace fixtures, talk to your kids about refraining from sticking things down drains and although sometimes it seems impossible, keep an eye on what they are up to.

Frankston Plumbers Hendra Court Shower Blockage Before

$5000 Mid Year Mega Draw | Orbit Plumbing

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Orbit Plumbing have now been operating for 3 years throughout the Mornington Peninsula Plumbing and the South Eastern Suburbs Plumber areas of Melbourne. Our Plumber Frankston based keeps very busy as we are situated in Somerville just next door to Frankston and also the Mornington Plumbers region.

We have a reputation for honesty, integrity & a good hard work ethic. We are always upfront and honest and treat everyone with respect. When we arrive at your home we come with a smile and always take our boots off. We want to do your Plumbing work too and if you give us a go, we will not let you down. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all the work we have done.

Over the last 3 years we have built a stunning reputation of which we are extremely proud of. You can view what our other customers think of us by checking out our reviews across Facebook, Google, True Local & the testimonials on this website.

The Director of Orbit Plumbing, our Somerville Plumber “Daniel McMahon” wanted to give back to the community and hopefully give a well deserving family or individual a nice present so we constructed this competition with Bosch.

We thought that a Hot water unit and gas line is something that can be very expensive to have supplied & installed at your home and decided to look for the best hot water service on the market. It is also something that many people are due for replacement. Our research stumbled across a brand new hot water service on the market that was a thing of Beauty and had new technologies in it that beats all other instantaneous hot water units as well as being more efficient than Gas storage units.

Plumber Mornington Bosch Optiflow Professsional

We checked the Victorian Sustainability website for confirmation and we where surprised that someone had come up with such an efficient technology. This plumbing product is the Bosch OptiFlow Instantaneous How Water Service.

Bosch Australia is moving into the future and leaving everyone else behind. They already had fantastic hot water units although these plumbing products in particular takes the cake. It has an amazing computerized system that analyzes the gas intake amount, mixes the correct amount of oxygen to give the optimum combustion to deliver the water temperature you require without any wasted gas.

This unit is great for the environment as it gives minimal exhaust fumes and great for the wallet as running costs are at the cheapest you can get.

If you select the Bluetooth unit you can actually download the Bosch app and control the water temperature in your house from your phone, being a bit of a tech geek, i think that’s pretty awesome.

Don’t forget to enter our competition! Its an amazing opportunity!


Introducing the new Bosch OptiFlow Professional | Orbit Plumbing

Plumber Mornington Bosch Optiflow Professional Instantaneous Hot Water serviceThere’s a new Hot Water unit on the market and it’s taking the plumbing world by storm. Orbit Plumbing’s Plumber Frankston way and Mornington Peninsula Plumber area’s have been installing these wonderfully designed units for the upcoming winter freeze.

The Bosch Hot Water team have designed gorgeous 6 star efficient Instantaneous Hot Water Unit that can meet all of your plumbing needs. Don’t let your Hot Water unit die through winter and have to go through the pain of waiting on a Mornington Plumber to install a new unit days after later. Our Orbit Somerville Plumbers can get these installed immediately.

Lets look at the Viability of installing one of these amazing units at your place.

According to the Sustainability Victoria Website this unit is the cheapest type unit to run annually no matter what situation you are in except for a solar hot water system installation. If you live on your own, live with just you are your partner or have a whole family in your home with you, this unit is cheaper to operate all year round. Better than any storage unit gas or electric.

While now most people have a storage unit these days, times are changing. Orbit Plumbing’s Frankston South Plumbers are installing more and more of these units every day. Most of the time we can just upgrade your gas meter to a high pressure gas meter and possibly run a short extension of 3/4 inch pipe to the new unit to meet the Victorian Building Authorities Regulations and your set to go.

Some jobs do take a whole gas renewal which our Baxter Plumber would be more than happy to help you out with. Usually when this is the case we will have a good chat with you and check to see if you are planning any more installation’s in the future so we can size your pipe appropriately.

These units have a fabulous Industrial design that now meets the look of your other stainless steel fixtures, they have a 6 star efficiency using the OptiFlow Combustion management system and they can also be used as your booster unit for your solar hot water system. They currently come in three model units. The 16L, 20L and the 26L which is the preferred size for most people.

They come as either a preset 50° unit or an adjustable unit which deliverers temperatures between 55° and 70°. You can connect and use up to 4 temperature controllers. All you need now is to give Orbit Plumbing a call to organize a new installation on 0447 007 178.


Considering a Career in Plumbing? | Orbit Plumbing

Considering a Career in Plumbing?

Our Somerville plumber often reflects on his decision as a teenager to embark on a career in plumbing as one of the best decisions he has ever made. Now he is running his own business and meeting wonderful friendly new customers every day. Plumbing is not a trade for everyone, it can get messy, sometimes our Mornington Peninsula plumbers need to have a strong stomach and also strong muscles to lift heavy plumbing products and also to complete jobs quickly.

Tertiary education providers are reporting that the number of new plumbing apprentices is at an all time low. These days many high school students are deciding to stay and complete their VCE rather than undertaking an apprenticeship. Our Plumber Frankston can see why and agrees with the decision to finish school as it keeps kids options open and broadens their opportunities in the workforce.

A field that is definitely on the increase is science and technology which is fantastic as in years to come advancements and discoveries will improve our way of life but one of the biggest risks to our Australian IT specialists is the risk of their jobs being outsourced overseas to reduce costs. When your plumbing products are not performing, you need a licensed plumber to physically attend your property and rectify the problem, we can’t see this situation being outsourced anytime soon!

Orbit Plumbing are often on the lookout for new apprentices to come and join our team. Our Mornington plumber provides one on one training to our apprentices that provided with theory based education will set our plumbing apprentices up for a rewarding career in the ever growing industry.

Plumber Mornington Cutting Plasterboard

A Plumbers advice on what to look for when buying a house so you know your not getting screwed | Orbit Plumbing

Plumber Mornington water pressure test

These days there are a lot of people doing DIY renovations and Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers continually get phone calls from people who have just moved into their new home and then discover that the previous owners have left them with a huge wreck that looks cosmetically great but has just been made to look that way to sell it. You need to look further into what’s underneath all of the cover up’s. Our Plumber Frankston located and all of our other plumbers find that people keep telling them that they had a building inspection done and none of what is wrong was ever picked up on. You really need to take it in to your own hands or get someone trusted with experience in the building industry to inspect the property for you.



Cold Water Line

Plumber Mornington Burst Pipe





Gas Line




Hot Water Service



Ducted HeaterPlumber Mornington Rusted Ducted Heater




Tap ware






Stove top, Oven & other fixtures



Behind & underneath Cabinetry



Cracks in walls and ceilingPlumber Mornington broken pipe



Storm water & sewer piping



Septic Tank






Over flow Relief gully







Buying a new house is a huge expense for anyone and at the price homes are getting these days, you want to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Don’t be fooled into buying a polished turd. At Orbit Plumbing we really hope that this gives prospective home buyers a good idea of what to look for when they are buying a home. It is a horrible feeling buying a new house that you have saved long and hard for and then moving in to discover a world of problems. If you are inside our service area and would like to enlist Orbit Plumbing to give a house a look over for you, we are a friendly bunch so don’t be scared to give us a call and have a chat.

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