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Common Hot Water Heater Problems explained | Orbit Plumbing

If something has gone wrong with your hot water system than this is the post for you to read to understand the depth of the issue and what your possible solutions are. Orbit Plumbing has a Plumber Mornington Peninsula way ready to change your old hot water units and plumbing products.

There are so many issues that can occur to make your hot water unit stop working correctly or at all. We simply would not be able to name them all here but our Mornington Plumber has a few great pieces of advice for you.

Please keep in mind that if your unit is an older unit than you are more than likely better off not replacing parts on the units them selves. You would be better off just replacing the whole unit as it will end up costing you more in the long run. Only a licensed plumber should perform these works as they are extremely dangerous.

Plumber Somerville leaking hot water heater


Leaking Kitchen Mixers | Orbit Plumbing

Have you been experiencing a leak coming from your kitchen mixer for quite some time and been wondering weather you should get it fixed or replaced? Well Orbit’s Plumber Somerville “Daniel” is here to give you the advice you need.

There a few handy hints that you should always keep in mind with mixers. Firstly you should know that there is more involved with repairing mixers than just replacing the cartridge. If your kitchen or laundry trough Mixer is a cheap one than more than likely you have bigger problems than just requiring a new cartridge.

There’s a good chance that the rubbers or other plumbing products that make up the mixer have deteriorated on the inside of the fixture and it may actually be not fixable.

Usually when you are purchasing a new mixer if you are just looking for a standard style it is a good idea to try to look for something over the $100 mark and also be sure to buy from a proper plumbing supplies store. The dedicated plumbing supplier retailers will provide you with a better quality option.

If you are looking for something a bit more fancy that you may want our Mornington Peninsula Plumber to install like a goose neck mixer or a veggie spray mixer than you will want to aim to spend at least around $150 minimum. These 2 benchmark prices we have provided for you will usually give you a minimum of 5 years out of your mixer.

With mixers just like a lot of other things, you get what you pay for. Orbit Plumbing highly recommends replacing a mixer over replacing a cartridge as you will get a longer lifespan out of the product and a new warranty.

Plumber Mornington Leaking Kitchen Mixer

Septic system flood | Orbit Plumbing

We have been receiving a lot of calls lately about our customer’s septic systems flooding their blocks and causing effluent to rise up and contaminate their properties. I wanted to make this post to let you know what the most common cause is for this and how you can fix the issue.

Our Plumber Mornington Peninsula way explains that during periods of heavy rain your absorption trenches can also take on a lot of ground water to add to the septic effluent that is also running into them. Mostly the cause is because the trench system was not installed properly in the first place and this is especially the case across the some 33,000 septic systems on the Mornington Peninsula.

Back in the day when there was a lot less regulations on what was done with septic plumbers used to just through in what ever system they thought was appropriate. Unfortunately, a lot of them got it wrong and now the Peninsula is suffering from contamination of effluent into it’s water ways. Luckily the good people at the Environmental health office are now taking care of business and they have enforced new rules and regulations to ensure the peninsula’s water ways will become fresh once again.

As our Somerville Plumber, I have seen much of the damage and i can tell you, it’s not pretty.

So the main cause that we see on properties is that plumbers have installed the wrong types of systems or a system with insufficient absorption area. When we get heavy rains as we are at the moment, the ground water adds to the mess and usually will back up and even overflow your septic tank when the system does not have enough natural fall. If the system has plenty of natural fall, then the cause will more than likely be that there is a blocked pipe within the trenches which needs to be cleared.

A great way to solve this issue is to contact Orbit Plumbing and the Mornington Peninsula Shire Environmental management team and organize for your system to be rectified to meet the current standards and regulations. More than likely if its more than just a blockage, you could find that we would either pump the water from your septic away from the area and into a more stable absorption trench area that can not back flow into the septic tank or we would change your system incorporating a secondary treatment plant and a sub surface irrigation system.

Plumber Somerville Flooding Absorbtion Trench area

Replacing your hot water unit | Orbit Plumbing

Is it time you replace your old hot water unit? If you do then right now is the best time to get a replacement. Orbit Plumbing Products Online are having an August sale on select Bosch hot water heaters and can also offer an easy installation service by one of our Plumber Mornington Peninsula located or south eastern suburbs plumber.

There can be some telling signs that indicate you will need a new hot water unit soon.

  1. If there is any water leaking from the unit especially around the seems or through the under body. This normally means your unit has burst.
  2. Check the manufacturing date on the side of the unit. If it exceeds 10 years than this can be a good indicator that it may be time to replace the unit before it checks out.
  3. If you have an indoor unit at all. It is generally not a good thing to have any kind of indoor hot water heater. Although they can meet Australian standards Orbit Plumbing still recommends against them as they can cause flooding and carbon monoxide risks that are better left outdoors.
  4. If your unit keeps turning the gas off. This means that there are parts inside the unit the most likely need replacing if it is a reasonably new unit. If the unit is an older model than your better off not taking the risk as replacing the available spare parts does not always fix the problem.

We highly recommend replacing your hot water unit to either a Bosch Optiflow 26L Instantaneous or a Bosch Compress 3000 heat pump as these units are extremely efficient.


Plumber Mornington Peninsula Hot water unit

Bosch Compress 3000 Heatpump | Orbit Plumbing

Bosch has struck the hot water market yet again with another breakthrough technology in the hot water industry. The Bosch Compress 3000 Heatpump is an electric hot water unit that uses up to 65% less energy than the conventional electric hot water unit.

The Compress 3000 operates throughout the some of the coldest the hottest climates in Australia and in the Mornington Peninsula Plumber region. It works efficiently between -7 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees celsius. This means that you will be comfortable in your shower all year round.

While the average household would spend approximately $2000.00 per year on delivering hot water to their taps this unit could potentially bring that cost down to approximately $700 per year. That is a saving of around $1,300.00 per year. Our Frankston Plumber would say that the average unit will live for about 15 years which should give you a saving of almost $20,000.00 over the lifetime of your hot water unit heatpump.

The Bosch Compress 3000 costs around $3500.00 supplied & Installed and you can currently get up to $1000.00 back through government grants. which would bring the cost to around about $1000.00 more to install than your average electric hot water unit although if you are looking at the long term saving’s that this unit would present to you it far out weighs the normal option.

Orbit Plumbing Somerville highly recommends these plumbing products as this heat pump is one of the best options out there for a hot water replacement. If you have solar panels and a battery system running your house this cost may even be reduced to zero.

Plumber Mornington Bosch Compress 3000

Bosch Optiflow Bluetooth | Orbit Plumbing

Plumber Mornington Bosch Optiflow Bluetooth Banner









There’s a new How water unit on the market and it’s taking the world by storm. Introducing the Bosch Optiflow with Bluetooth.

This Bosch hot water service is one of the most advanced and efficient hot water delivery units in the world. Bosch is really leading the way in hot water with their amazing innovation and design of this elegant and smart hot water unit.

Orbit Plumbing Somerville has seen an enormous increase of Bosch hot water unit sales since this unit has been introduced onto the market and our Plumber Frankston way has been reporting good things all around and happy customers when it comes to this delightful little beast.

The Bosch Optiflow has an intelligent air to gas combustion management system which rates 6 stars in efficiency. The inbuilt computer system on the Bluetooth unit not only managers the hot water efficiency delivery but it also connects with your mobile phone via Bluetooth so you can control the hot water delivery temperature with the easy press of a button.

The Bosch Optiflow Bluetooth model can be purchased from our online store “Orbit Plumbing Products Online” and you can even organize an easy installation via our website on the date of your choosing and our Somerville Plumber will be there to get your hot water unit up and running.

The Bluetooth Optiflow comes in the following models:

  1. Bosch Optiflow with Bluetooth 16L
  2. Bosch Optiflow with Bluetooth 20L
  3. Bosch Optiflow with Bluetooth 26L

Bosch Optiflow Professional | Orbit Plumbing

Have you heard about the new hot water unit on the market?

The Bosch Optiflow Professional is an exceptional Instantaneous hot water service. This has set a new benchmark for hot water efficiency around the world and spoils its owner with never ending hot water and an incredible efficiency.

The Bosch Instantaneous hot water unit is rated as a 6 star appliance. This is because this unit reads the amount of water being used and calculates a perfect amount of gas to burn mixed with just the correct amount of oxygen to give you a more efficient hot water delivery.

Our Frankston Plumbers  and Plumber Mornington Peninsula region continue to comment on the positive feedback we have had on this fantastic unit. Our customers love the appealing stainless steel  industrial look as it gives a fine touch to the outdoor appearance of their homes.

The Bosch Optiflow Professional comes in 7 different models all working with Natural Gas and LPG and guess what “Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers your preferred model for you at any time.

  1. Bosch Optiflow Professional 12L
  2. Bosch Optiflow Professional 16L
  3. Bosch Optiflow Professional 20L
  4. Bosch Optiflow Professional 26L
  5. Bosch Optiflow Professional Internal 12L
  6. Bosch Optiflow Professional Internal 16L
  7. Bosch Optiflow Professional Internal 20L

You can purchase any of these Instantaneous hot water units at Orbit Plumbing Products Online plus a whole range of other hot water units and plumbing products.

Plumber Mornington Bosch Optiflow 26L Professional

Plumbing Safely | Orbit Plumbing

At Orbit Plumbing Frankston we take our Safety very seriously. Everyone wants to go home safe and feel like they are well. We take special precautions to ensure that we work in the safest way possible. All of our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers have their own safety bag which contains protection against one of the dangerous career choices out there.

Lets start with one of the most dangerous jobs a Plumber Mornington does on a regular basis, using a Demo saw to cut through concrete. now this tool is extremely power full. If you hold it the wrong way they are prone to flip up and cut your arms off. If one of our Somerville Plumbers where to be cutting they would first be trained on how to use the tool correctly before attempting it on their own. While using the demo saw they would have ear plugs and ear muffs on to block out the extreme noise, they would have full Safety Glasses that cover all the way around the side of their eyes properly so to stop any concrete pieces flying up, they would have a gas mask on to protect them from the concrete dust entering their lungs as well as making sure the filters are replaced regularly, they would be wearing safety gloves for better grip and protection from small objects, knee pads to protect their knees from being in pain on hard concrete and of course proper feet protection.

So as you can see only doing one task requires quite a lot of Personal Protective Equipment. Its also very important to make sure that the area is blocked off properly with signage so no one else enters the working zone as they could possibly come into harms way.

When our Frankston South Plumber is installing Plumbing Products in a high location like changing double story gutters for example we will always make sure we use the right equipment such as a scissor lift or boom lift as it is to dangerous installing double story gutters on a house with a long ladder.

At the end of the day taking shortcuts with safety may make your job go faster and cost the customer less although no ones life is worth risking anything for any amount of money.

Plumber Mornington Safety First Sign

Gas Awareness | Orbit Plumbing

At Orbit Plumbing Somerville, we take gas extremely seriously. When our Orbit Plumber Mornington come’s to your home to work on your gas line or install a gas appliance at all the very first thing we will do is put a gas test on to check for any leakage. If your gas line has a leak in it, we will inform you that we will either have to find the gas leak immediately and rectify the situation or disconnect your gas meter and alert the gas authorities.

Having gas leaking can be a serious problem and cause death to you and your entire family. So this is something that you should be wary of. If you smell gas at all then the first thing you should do is get your family outside into a well ventilated area and head straight to you gas meter to turn it off. After that’s been done call Orbit Plumbing and one of our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers will be out in no time to investigate and rectify the problem.

You should aim to have your Gas plumbing products serviced regularly. Orbits Frankston Plumbers say you may not know if your gas line is already undersized. If it is it could be in serious danger as your appliances might be leaking carbon monoxide. A good indication of this is if you have a heater or stove top you could see if the gas is combusting properly. You should see a blue flame. If the flame is orange it means that it is leaking Carbon Monoxide when being used.

Your gas line may have been sized correctly when the house was built although it may now be undersized due to other occupants installing other appliances into that same line without bothering to make sure the line can handle the extra mega joules of that particular appliance along with everything else that is already installed. If this is the case and you suspect your gas line might be undersized it is extremely important for your family’s safety that you rectify this issue.

Call Orbit Plumbing to rectify your gas leaks all over the Mornington Peninsula and the south Eastern suburbs Plumber region including some of the following areas:

Plumber Mornington Gas Awareness

The Property Market is Going Up Up Up, Renovate your home to sell High | Orbit Plumbing

Firstly let me say I am a Somerville Plumber, not a real estate agent. My advice in this post is just from my experience and what i have witnessed myself so please take this information how you choose but keep in mind i’m no expert at real estate.

Lately the real estate market has been sky rocketing and more and more people are looking for a house to buy every day. The new home buyers grant will come in at 1st of July which will mean first home buyers will not pay any stamp duty at all. We believe that after the 1st of July would be a great time to sell your property.

A lot of first home buyers and all other buyers want to move into a modern looking house that does not require them to stretch their budget after the purchase of their new home to make the home look more presentable. There are a lot of little things our Frankston South Plumber can do to your house before selling to bring up the value at a minimum expense to yourself. Of course you could spend huge dollars as well and make your home immaculate before selling to try your best at a massive profit although you should keep in mind the sky limit pricing for your area.

Our Plumber Frankston explains what you can do in a bathroom to bring in that fresh look. Change your old oval shaped basins for a more modern square shape basins and change the taps over to mixers. You can also change that dirty old 3 slider shower door for a semi frame less screen. It would also be a great idea to swap old plastic tap ware for new chrome taps. This is a great way to make your bathroom look modern and attractive to home buyers.

The Laundry is our Mornington Plumbers domain and he says that you should swap those old manky taps for a new mixer in the sink or trough and change over your washing machine stops for new modern chrome ceramic disc washing Machine stops.

Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers work in kitchens all the time as you can imagine they have a lot of plumbing products contained within them. A great way to bring it to life is to again swap your tap ware over for a new mixer. Evaluate the quality of your stove top or upright cooker. If it is old and disgusting then this could turn potential buyers away. Usually the Range hood is also an ancient looking device and swapping over these cooking appliances for new modern stainless steel appliances can make a huge difference. We recommend you make sure your dishwasher if you have one does not bring the quality of the space down and if so you should consider a replacement.


Plumber Mornington New Basin and Mixer

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