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Bosch has struck the hot water market yet again with another breakthrough technology in the hot water industry. The Bosch Compress 3000 Heatpump is an electric hot water unit that uses up to 65% less energy than the conventional electric hot water unit.

The Compress 3000 operates throughout the some of the coldest the hottest climates in Australia and in the Mornington Peninsula Plumber region. It works efficiently between -7 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees celsius. This means that you will be comfortable in your shower all year round.

While the average household would spend approximately $2000.00 per year on delivering hot water to their taps this unit could potentially bring that cost down to approximately $700 per year. That is a saving of around $1,300.00 per year. Our Frankston Plumber would say that the average unit will live for about 15 years which should give you a saving of almost $20,000.00 over the lifetime of your hot water unit heatpump.

The Bosch Compress 3000 costs around $3500.00 supplied & Installed and you can currently get up to $1000.00 back through government grants. which would bring the cost to around about $1000.00 more to install than your average electric hot water unit although if you are looking at the long term saving’s that this unit would present to you it far out weighs the normal option.

Orbit Plumbing Somerville highly recommends these plumbing products as this heat pump is one of the best options out there for a hot water replacement. If you have solar panels and a battery system running your house this cost may even be reduced to zero.

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