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Have you heard about the new hot water unit on the market?

The Bosch Optiflow Professional is an exceptional Instantaneous hot water service. This has set a new benchmark for hot water efficiency around the world and spoils its owner with never ending hot water and an incredible efficiency.

The Bosch Instantaneous hot water unit is rated as a 6 star appliance. This is because this unit reads the amount of water being used and calculates a perfect amount of gas to burn mixed with just the correct amount of oxygen to give you a more efficient hot water delivery.

Our Frankston Plumbers  and Plumber Mornington Peninsula region continue to comment on the positive feedback we have had on this fantastic unit. Our customers love the appealing stainless steel  industrial look as it gives a fine touch to the outdoor appearance of their homes.

The Bosch Optiflow Professional comes in 7 different models all working with Natural Gas and LPG and guess what “Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers your preferred model for you at any time.

  1. Bosch Optiflow Professional 12L
  2. Bosch Optiflow Professional 16L
  3. Bosch Optiflow Professional 20L
  4. Bosch Optiflow Professional 26L
  5. Bosch Optiflow Professional Internal 12L
  6. Bosch Optiflow Professional Internal 16L
  7. Bosch Optiflow Professional Internal 20L

You can purchase any of these Instantaneous hot water units at Orbit Plumbing Products Online plus a whole range of other hot water units and plumbing products.

Plumber Mornington Bosch Optiflow 26L Professional

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