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Broken Roof tiles can be very problematic | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing Frankston visit many properties with roof leaks. They can be caused by so many different reasons. Sometime’s they are difficult to investigate, find and rectify and some can be long and arduous to find the problem that may take numerous visits to finally rectify.

Our Mornington Plumber has said that most of the time when there is a roof leak it is caused by a rusted roof sheet, gutter or damaged seal that can be difficult to find. They can even be caused by your gutters being filled with dirt, grass and debris and a quick fix for that would obviously be to clean your gutters out. Since gutters have fall it can sometimes even just be the smallest amount of blocked gutter that can cause an overflow back into your home.

One of the not so common roof leaks that our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers come across is a broken roof tile although we still see them once every now and then. A broken roof tile can be caused by a ball hitting the roof or in some very rare instances will large hail damage and crack roof tiles. Probably the most common cause of a roof tile breaking is that someone has been up on your roof recently or in the past and the tile has finally decided to slip down and break apart. Even if there was just a hairline fracture in it previously this could expand into a full break over time.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your roof tiles to make sure they are not damaged as well as your other plumbing products. If you see something starting to deteriorate then usually the best form of maintenance is preventative maintenance plumbing.

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