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Carbon Monoxide – Part 1 | Orbit Plumbing

Our Mornington Peninsula plumbers understand the serious responsibility that comes along with being a plumber, as our Plumber Frankston puts it – gas plumbing is left to professionals for a reason! Our Somerville plumber explains that a fully licensed plumber must be educated about the risks and dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and prove their knowledge before becoming qualified.

Mornington plumbers recently discovered a serious gas leak at a recent job and quickly followed procedure to ensure the safety of our customers family as well as their own well being. Carbon Monoxide is extremely difficult to detect as it does not produce any smell, color or residue. In cases of a gas leak, Orbit Plumbing always recommend to firstly have the gas supply turned off, open the windows and doors in your home and if possible vacate the affected property until the gas leak has been rectified.

Orbit Plumbing’s Frankston South Plumber say’s Gas leaks do not always indicate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning occurring as the severity and duration of the leak, the condition of the leaking plumbing products and the health and well being of the persons affected may all have an impact. Although it is always a good idea to put your health first!


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