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Careful when digging, Dial Before You Dig! | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers tell us that every day, even people that should know better, are putting themselves and others in danger, by not following correct procedures prior to digging, and breaking under ground gas pipes and other services lines.

Our Plumber Mornington has attended Emergency calls, to repair, gas pipes as the customer has accidentally damaged their gas pipes. Something which you may not know, is that gas pipes can be plastic not metal – so you may think to yourself that you will hear a ding, or find one with a metal detector.  Nope!  The first thing you may know that you are even near a gas pipe, is when you hear the rushing of the gas, or you smell it.

If you are undertaking a DIY landscaping or constructing a building on your property, always for your own and your families safety, before you start digging call, ‘ Dial Before You Dig’.  It is quick, easy and you may not just save a costly bill, to repair the gas lines, you will keep yourself safe.

Damage to gas lines can cause leaks and sometimes explosions, water, drainage and sewers pipes, are not dangerous but can certainly cause flooding and sewers spills a health hazard.

Our specialist gas plumber Somerville Plumber suggests that our customers always work safely, by identifying and marking the gas lines and other services before you start digging. Remember you can obtain drawings from your local councils and other organisations. All services are colour coded, Gas pipes are normally yellow.

If you should happen to accidentally break a gas line, call your local plumber, Orbit Plumbing, Plumber Frankston  as we are gas specialists. We are available for your Emergency Calls 24/7 on  0447 007 178 and will attend without delay.

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