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Clearing a blocked toilet the right way | Orbit Plumbing

Plumbers Mornington Peninsula wide are called upon daily for their expert skills in rectifying blocked toilets and our Somerville plumbing company Orbit Plumbing are no exception to this. On some occasions, the cause of a blockage is much further along then first thought and a series of specialised techniques are performed to solve the problem by our ever talented Mornington plumbers. In less troublesome cases, the blockage is still in close proximity to the plumbing products being affected. Our plumber Frankston located thought he could share the process of how to clear a simple blocked toilet the same way as a professional:

Firstly you will need a basic rubber or plastic plunger.

Deploy the plunger firmly into the bottom of the bowl, ensuring you have created a tight seal.

Start pumping up and down with the plunger so that a cyclone like effect is created inside the toilet waste pipe.

Repeat this process until the blockage has cleared.

If this technique fails to disrupt the obstruction, call our friendly team on 0447 007 178

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