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There are some very big differences between the plumbing involved in a residential bathroom in a family home and a commercial bathroom in say a shopping centre or a large office space. Not all Mornington Peninsula plumbers are equipped with the skills and experience to handle the challenges that a commercial bathroom may throw their way.. Rest assured our Somerville plumber from Orbit Plumbing is a true professional in both situations and has an extensive amount of knowledge in both residential and commercial bathroom plumbing.

Very recently, a large restaurant needed a plumber Mornington bound quick smart as they had a room full of hungry and thirsty patrons and some troublesome plumbing products causing issues in their bathroom meaning their valued customers were at risk of going without a comfortable bathroom to enjoy. Thankfully our Frankston plumber was on call and only too eager to solve the problem and quickly get the facilities back up and running so staff could breathe a sigh of relief and the customers were able to rely on the restaurant’s bathroom should they need to.

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