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Common Hot Water Heater Problems explained | Orbit Plumbing

If something has gone wrong with your hot water system than this is the post for you to read to understand the depth of the issue and what your possible solutions are. Orbit Plumbing has a Plumber Mornington Peninsula way ready to change your old hot water units and plumbing products.

There are so many issues that can occur to make your hot water unit stop working correctly or at all. We simply would not be able to name them all here but our Mornington Plumber has a few great pieces of advice for you.

Please keep in mind that if your unit is an older unit than you are more than likely better off not replacing parts on the units them selves. You would be better off just replacing the whole unit as it will end up costing you more in the long run. Only a licensed plumber should perform these works as they are extremely dangerous.

Plumber Somerville leaking hot water heater


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