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Considering a Career in Plumbing?

Our Somerville plumber often reflects on his decision as a teenager to embark on a career in plumbing as one of the best decisions he has ever made. Now he is running his own business and meeting wonderful friendly new customers every day. Plumbing is not a trade for everyone, it can get messy, sometimes our Mornington Peninsula plumbers need to have a strong stomach and also strong muscles to lift heavy plumbing products and also to complete jobs quickly.

Tertiary education providers are reporting that the number of new plumbing apprentices is at an all time low. These days many high school students are deciding to stay and complete their VCE rather than undertaking an apprenticeship. Our Plumber Frankston can see why and agrees with the decision to finish school as it keeps kids options open and broadens their opportunities in the workforce.

A field that is definitely on the increase is science and technology which is fantastic as in years to come advancements and discoveries will improve our way of life but one of the biggest risks to our Australian IT specialists is the risk of their jobs being outsourced overseas to reduce costs. When your plumbing products are not performing, you need a licensed plumber to physically attend your property and rectify the problem, we can’t see this situation being outsourced anytime soon!

Orbit Plumbing are often on the lookout for new apprentices to come and join our team. Our Mornington plumber provides one on one training to our apprentices that provided with theory based education will set our plumbing apprentices up for a rewarding career in the ever growing industry.

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