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Copper water piping instead of flexible hoses | Orbit Plumbing

Common practice these days for connecting hot and cold water to a fixture like a basin or sink is that a Frankston Plumber will install mini stops onto the available lugged elbows inside the cupboard or space the points have been set up. Once the mini stops or isolation points have been installed most plumbers will then connect the water with some flexible hoses that run from the mini stop to the breach connection under the taps.

Unfortunately these flexible hoses do not last forever and even though there are advancements being made in the flexible hose plumbing products industry our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers are still arriving at jobs and finding that a flexible hose has been the cause of a major flood.

Even though they are made of high quality rubber and stainless steel they still seem to find a way to corrode and burst out. This can be prevented. Each flexible hose comes with a label stuck to it which informs you how often you should be replacing them. Most flexible hoses will have a lifespan of around 5 years.

Fortunately there is a long term solution although it does cost more to install and cost more on materials. You could have copper installed. Copper should last you at least 20 years although unforeseen conditions still can not guarantee a forever installation. This type of install may well last 50 years given the correct conditions.

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