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Could your kids be the reason for plumbing issues? | Orbit Plumbing

Could your kids be the reason for plumbing issues?

Most of our Somerville plumbers can tell within seconds of walking into a Mornington Peninsula plumbing customers home, whether the family have children or not. Obvious signs are toys and toy boxes, brightly colored rooms with superhero bedspreads and foam letters and stickers around the bath tube. Less obvious signs that our Frankston plumbers often find can be deep within the plumbing network around your home.

Just last week our Mornington plumber was called out to an immaculate home to fix a blocked pipe. After clearing the pipe, the customer asked our plumber what the cause of the blockage was, the plumber lead her over to a pile of decent sized rocks that had been blocking the flow of water. Our customer was puzzled as to how the rocks could possibly get into her pipe network. The most obvious answer, according to our Plumber Frankston is that the children had invented a fun game by finding rocks and throwing them into the overflow relief gully..

Many shower blockages are also the result of children sticking objects like toys, bars of soap, one of our plumbers even found 2 golf balls down a shower drain once! The best way to avoid activities like this from occurring and damaging your plumbing products and also costing you money for a plumber to repair or replace fixtures, talk to your kids about refraining from sticking things down drains and although sometimes it seems impossible, keep an eye on what they are up to.

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