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Cross Connections Explained | Orbit Plumbing

Cross Connections Explained | Orbit Plumbing

Mornington Peninsula plumbers deal with many different situations every day. Our Plumber Frankston situated came across a less problem at a Somerville plumbing customer’s property this week – cross connection. Our Mornington plumber explains that this is where 2 pipes (normally sewer and stormwater) are connected into the same line which can contaminate both the storm water line and the sewer line.

The only reason this would occur is if the person installing the pipes has made an error. In some cases we have seen customer who tried to save money when building their home by installing plumbing products on their own. This may initially save money but later down the track they will be up for costs associated with rectifying their DIY attempts.

So if your concerned that your home may have cross connection, just ask one of our friendly plumbers to check it out next time you require the services of Orbit Plumbing.

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