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Do you have a toilet that needs relocating? Part One | Orbit Plumbing

At Orbit Plumbing, our Mornington Peninsula plumbers are highly skilled experts at replacing toilets. Our Somerville plumber is always researching new toilets that came to the market so he can pass this knowledge onto his customers so they can make better decisions and most importantly be pleased with their new plumbing products.

Our Mornington Plumber was asked out to a job where the customers were completing a small renovation and needed their toilet relocated. Relocating an existing toilet is definitely a service that Orbit Plumbing provide and are confident in doing so.

Our Plumber Frankston will always ask our customer the following questions:

– How old is the toilet?

– Where will the toilet be moving to?

– Do the screws holding the toilet to the floor look old or rusty?

Once our plumber has an answer to each of these questions he can access whether or not in this particular case the toilet will be able to moved properly or if the customer will actually be financially better of by buying a whole new toilet.


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