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Do you have an old toilet that needs replacing? Part Two | Orbit Plumbing

Somerville Plumbers successfully relocated a toilet from their main bathroom to a newly built toilet room for one of out Mornington Peninsula plumbing customers as the plumbing products were still in very good condition and only 12 months old. Not all toilets can be relocated and our plumbers are here to say a few reasons why.

Our Frankston Plumber explains that one of the most common reasons why a toilet is not able to be located is because of the screws that attach the toilet pan to the floor. Over time these screws become old and worn, rusty and can sometime seize around the porcelain making impossible to  remove the toilet fully intact. In these circumstances, we discuss with our customer what the problem is and what their best options are instead. These situations will normally result in the customer purchasing a brand new toilet to have installed in the new location.

A customer requested that we relocate a toilet for them and our Plumber Mornington way was confident that all would go well after easily removing all screws but then when he went to lift the pan to take it over to the instillation location he discovered that cement had originally been used to bond the toilet to the floor. The cement had ruined the base of the toilet (and the customers floor) and meant that a new toilet needed to be purchased and installed in the new location.

If you need to relocate a toilet, the best thing to do is call one of our experienced Frankston South plumbers at Orbit Plumbing on 0447 007 178


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