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Don’t forget to clean your tap aerators | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers can not stress enough that you should clean out your aerator filters. An aerator is the little plumbing products piece on the end of your fixture outlet that normally screws off. This is used for many reasons and is always best kept clean.

Our Plumber Frankston located explains that these aerators are used to:

  1. Filter the water from any physical objects that may come through the water line. Surprisingly enough there are actually plenty of things that can get into your water line. If you have any kind of burst pipe or if there has been any work done on your water line recently then some dirt or other not nice objects could get into the line. If you have a gal water line, the rust from inside the pipe can also find it’s way to the filter. Usually when this happens the water supply coming from the outlet will begin to loose pressure as it becomes more blocked and if you are experiencing very low pressure this is usually a good place to start.
  2. Restricts the amount of pressure or liters per minute running through the tap. The most common aerator is 6 liters per minute but you can get different aerators that supply different pressures. Usually on baths, you will get a higher amount of flow as you need to fill the bath faster.

So if you are experiencing any kind of issue with your pressure at a tap or the water has even decided to stop all together than you should try cleaning out the aerator and see how that goes.

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