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Drainage Maintenance Explained | Orbit Plumbing

Many plumbing companies now offer drainage maintenance as a service. Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers offer these services throughout the peninsula. Sometimes it can be hard to understand what all of these things mean so we thought we would set a task for our Plumber Somerville to try to make it a little clearer for you.

Drain Camera – This is virtually a complicated version of a standard CCTV camera. These drain cameras are attached to a very long flexible real or rod that is waterproof and can be inserted and pushed into most drains to physically inspect the inside of the pipe. They can come with lights and self-leveling heads so that you can make sense of what is going on.

Pipe Locator – A pipe locator is just a signal receiving device that works in conjunction with the drain camera.  The drain camera head has an electronic device on the end which sends a signal up though the ground.  The pipe locator picks up this signal and helps to pinpoint the location and sometimes even the depth of where the pipe is underground.

Pipe Jetter –  This is a high pressure water jet. Virtually it is just a long flexible hose with very high pressure coming out one end. The jet head (where the water comes out) is specially designed in a way that uses the pressure from the water to actually push the jetting hose and head through the pipe. The jet head will then with all of its power strike the blockage inside the pipe and wash away any little bits that fall away. Most of the time this will take a while to clear a blockage effectively although sometime this is the only option. There are many different types of heads depending on what type of blockage you are looking at.

Pipe Relining – Pipe relining is mostly used when there is a crack or break in a pipe which is underneath the ground in a position that cannot be dug up and replaced. For example, underneath a concrete driveway or underneath a house concrete slab. It is virtually a long skinny balloon that is covered in a special pipe resin. When the balloon is pulled into the pipe in the correct location, a compressor will then blow up the balloon, smearing the broken pipe in new pipe resin. After waiting the required amount of time, the balloon is then pulled out of the pipe, leaving a nice new sleeve inside the pipe, coating the previous damage so the pipe is working correctly again.

Drain Cleaner – A drain cleaner is one of the most powerful tools for clearing a blocked drain. Most of the time, this is all that will be used when clearing a blockage. This tool rotates very large heavy metal springs that have certain types of heads on the end for different reasons. The most common head used is the root cutting head. When the spring is spinning around up against the blockage it uses brute force to physically destroy the thing that is holding up all of the flow of water.

The tools mentioned above are the main tools that plumbers can utilize to get the job done right. Orbit Plumbing has an in-depth knowledge about how drainage systems work, which is the key element to using all of the drainage tools effectively. We commonly see a lot of blocked drains in our Mornington Plumbing and Frankston Plumber work.

If you have a broken drain pipe that is left untreated for too long this can affect the structural integrity of your house. As the ground becomes wet and then dry, this often makes the ground expand and contract, playing havoc with the footing holding up your home. As a result, we often see houses get slab heave, which is when cracks form in the concrete and one side of the house begins to drop, slowly destroying the home.

The best way to avoid these issues is to fix a blocked drain as soon as it starts. Please call Orbit Plumbing if you have any issues with drains, and we can promptly rectify the problem.


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