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Duct work

Can you see whats wrong with this picture? It was taken by our investigativeĀ plumber Mornington was the location of the roof and this image was captured before the plumber had commenced any repairative works. The Mornington Peninsula plumbing client had just purchased a new home and called Orbit Plumbing to arrange for our Somerville plumber to come and inspect their new home for any possible issues or problems with the plumbing products and appliances.

This is a service that not many people take advantage of but could benefit greatly from as in this job as our Frankston plumber explains, the silver ducts shown had been poorly installed by the original plumber as the correct procedure involves using a plastic strapping tape to secure the ducts around the wooden roof beams instead of leaving them lying on top of the insulation potentially causing condensation and dampness, resulting in serious damage to the ceiling underneath from the hot ducts.

Plumber Somerville Duct work not hung up

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