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Duo Valves Explained.

The old Duo Valve. Our Frankston Plumber installs these almost every day.  It is called this strange and easy to use plumbing lingo of a name because it does 2 things in-particular.

  1. Isolation Valve – It acts as a way to isolate water by using a small gate valve that is operated by the black handle on top.
  2. Non Return Valve – These Duo valves have  a mechanism built inside the unit that will only allow water to travel one way through.

Plumber Mornington Duo Valve Orbit PlumbingThe Duo Valve is used in installations when installing a storage hot water unit. the reason for this is that water inside a storage unit could malfunction and stop heating the water correctly which could develop bacteria and disease inside the tank . As a storage hot water unit has a tank full of water it can create head pressure that could possibly push contaminated water back into the cold water line and endanger the health of your family or anyone who would use the water.

It is a plumbing regulation in Victoria that a Duo Valve must be installed on every storage hot water unit.





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