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Fantastic fun with Pillar Taps | Orbit Plumbing

Pillar taps are an older style of taps that is very rarely used these days. They are plumbing products that delivers water as one cold tap outlet and one hot tap outlet rather than the conventional type of tap ware that will mix the hot and cold to give you a tempered temperature of water delivery.

To the surprise of our Plumber Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Plumber these types of taps are still actually a lot more common than you would think although no where near as common as the water mixing type. There are still some people who prefer this style of tap ware but it is definitely on it’s way out completely.

Our Somerville Plumber thinks that Pillar taps are a useless invention in basins unless you have a dedicated tempering valve running to the hot tap to bring the temperature down to a temperature that your hands can withstand. Using the hot tap without a tempering valve will almost surely burn your hands and there would be no way to bring that temperature down.

A good fix if you have pillar taps is that we could send our Mornington Plumber to replace the basin and install a new mixer tap in place of your old pillar taps. That way you can make use of some warm water while washing your hands.

Plumber Somerville hob pillar taps installed onto basin

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