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Us Victorians are a lucky bunch as drinking water quality is some of the best in Australia and probably the world. Although one of our plumbers Somerville being his home town, noticed when visiting a family member in a rural Victorian town, the drinking water supplied from the plumbing products in their home were sub par compared to his tap water at home. One of the most common reasons for this difference is the plumbing infrastructure in this town was probably installed a lot longer ago than in his home town and therefore the pipes are becoming aged and it is reflecting in the taste of the water.

If you feel like you could benefit from cleaner drinking water on the Mornington Peninsula, plumbers from Orbit Plumbing would be delighted to assist you with choosing a water filter and then can provide a quick and quality installation for you and your family. Below is an example of a fantastic water filter installed by our plumber Frankston customers of Orbit Plumbing opted for the addition to their home and are thrilled with their decision and the delicious fresh water they now have to enjoy.

Plumber Mornington Water filter

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