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At Orbit Plumbing Somerville, we take gas extremely seriously. When our Orbit Plumber Mornington come’s to your home to work on your gas line or install a gas appliance at all the very first thing we will do is put a gas test on to check for any leakage. If your gas line has a leak in it, we will inform you that we will either have to find the gas leak immediately and rectify the situation or disconnect your gas meter and alert the gas authorities.

Having gas leaking can be a serious problem and cause death to you and your entire family. So this is something that you should be wary of. If you smell gas at all then the first thing you should do is get your family outside into a well ventilated area and head straight to you gas meter to turn it off. After that’s been done call Orbit Plumbing and one of our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers will be out in no time to investigate and rectify the problem.

You should aim to have your Gas plumbing products serviced regularly. Orbits Frankston Plumbers say you may not know if your gas line is already undersized. If it is it could be in serious danger as your appliances might be leaking carbon monoxide. A good indication of this is if you have a heater or stove top you could see if the gas is combusting properly. You should see a blue flame. If the flame is orange it means that it is leaking Carbon Monoxide when being used.

Your gas line may have been sized correctly when the house was built although it may now be undersized due to other occupants installing other appliances into that same line without bothering to make sure the line can handle the extra mega joules of that particular appliance along with everything else that is already installed. If this is the case and you suspect your gas line might be undersized it is extremely important for your family’s safety that you rectify this issue.

Call Orbit Plumbing to rectify your gas leaks all over the Mornington Peninsula and the south Eastern suburbs Plumber region including some of the following areas:

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