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Gas Leaks can be dangerous | Orbit Plumbing

Warning Gas Leak……

Gas leaks needs your immediate attention; you must not ignore gas smells.

A suspicious smell, of gas can be dangerous and should be addressed without delay.

If you smell gas inside your home, and you cannot identify the source, then vacate your family and yourself from the premises immediately. Turn off the gas at the gas meter, normally found in the front area of your home. Then call an Orbit Plumber Mornington Peninsula as we are accredited and licence gas-fitter plumbers.

If you smell gas outside your home, it is important you turn off all ignitions – and mobile phones. Call 000 Emergency and turn the gas off at the meter.

Orbit plumbing, is often called to homes where the home owner can smell gas, our Somerville Plumber attending a home in Somerville. On this occasion the customer had reported a gas odour in their kitchen, our plumber locating their gas cook top was leaking. At another property,  on the same day our Somerville Plumber was called to repair a gas leak at the hot water unit.

Our Frankston Plumber was called out to a Frankston home to investigate a possible gas leak. Our Plumber locating one leak at the gas meter regulator, our plumber then testing all gas supply areas at the home, he located another gas leak from the ducted heater, the leak was at the copper piping in the roof cavity which was from previous poor welding.

Attending a home in Mornington our Mornington plumber testing the gas points within the home finding a gas leak behind the customers lounge room space heater. Another gas leak was found  at a tee intersection in a gal pipe.

In these cases, Orbit Plumbing repaired the gas leaks, tested and could confirm the leaks had been fixed. When work is completed on gas pipes, fittings or appliances are modified or replaced at your property a licensed gas-fitter will provide a Gas Certificate of Compliance.

If you have ageing appliances, it might be time to call Orbit Plumbing to check, service, repair, replace gas fittings and pipes and replace appliances.

Safety, is our first priority.



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