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Gas lines and the importance of getting them right | Orbit Plumbing

Gas is an extremely dangerous substance and can be deadly if it is not treated with the respect it deserves both during an installation and after when the gas is being used. Our Plumber Frankston situated is an expert in everything gas and can ensure your gas line is installed the way it should be.

Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumber has been very clear about the way a gas line should be installed. The Somerville plumbers installing the gas line should be very precise on using the correct size pipe or larger to make sure that you will always have a sufficient amount of gas supply feeding your appliances and plumbing products.

Special care must be taken to consider what the amount of gas being used would be if all of the gas appliances are running at the same time. This is so important because in the scenario that this would happen and for example you would run your stove top or heater and there was not enough gas supply feeding the burners, there would not be enough gas for the flame to combust properly.

If they flame is not burning efficiently it will let off a yellow color. This yellow color flame is a chemical reaction happening inside the flame that releases carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide would then be leaking into the room. It has no warning signs and is incredibly dangerous for humans to inhale. You wont even know what has happened, you will just die without breathing the correct amount of oxygen.

Plumber Somerville 50mm Poly Gas line

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