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Gas Pressures and how they affect your home | Orbit Plumbing

Our Orbit Plumber Somerville tells us that gas is a very dangerous thing to work with and the importance of using a Licenced Gas Fitter Plumber is paramount. Orbit Plumbing Mornington specialize in all things gas and we can make sure your gas system is working correctly and make sure your family is completely safe.

Throughout the Mornington Peninsula Plumbers area there are generally 2 different gas pressures running into residential homes. Either 1.1kpa or 2.75kpa. The Gas Meter in the photo on the left hand side is a low pressure gas meter and the gas meter on the right hand side is a High pressure gas meter.

If you have existing Gas piping running trough your home and you want to get some new plumbing products installed by our Frankston Plumber but you do not have the right amount of gas pressure getting to your appliances it may be a cheaper option to upgrade your gas meter rather than to upgrade the gas piping as long as it meets the required regulations by the Victorian Building Authority.

A lot of people are now moving from Storage hot water units over to Instantaneous hot water units. Most Storage hot water units are fed by a 1/2 inch copper gas pipe and most Instantaneous Hot water units are fed by a 3/4 inch copper gas pipe. As gas pressure relies on the size and length of the pipe to deliver the correct amount of gas an appliance requires, a lot of the time you can just replace a few meters of gas piping and upgrade your gas meter for the hot water unit change rather than upgrading your entire gas line which could cost thousands of extra dollars. Our Frankston South Plumber along with all of our orbit Plumbing team will always give you correct and honest information to the best of our ability.

It is so important to make sure your gas line is sized correctly because if it is not and for example you have a space heater or a wall furnace running and then another unit gets turned on taking away the required pressure for your heater, the flame from the heater will not burn correctly and it will expel Carbon monoxide which is completely odorless and invisible but extremely dangerous for humans to breath in. If this continues throughout the night while everyone is asleep, most likely no one will ever wake up again.

Please be cautious with Gas and make sure things are done correctly, your life and the lives of your family depend on it.

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