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Great communication with our customers | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing work very hard to do our absolute best at all times to have terrific communication with our customers. We want our customer’s to stay informed at all times, know what is going on and feel like they are across everything that we are doing.

We believe communication is the key to a happy customer and that is our focus at all times. Our Director and Somerville Plumber “Daniel” wants the Business to succeed and we know that making sure that our customers are impressed and happy at all times is the way to move our business forward.

Before the Job

When you call for an Orbit Plumber Mornington peninsula we will be friendly over the phone, patient and will discuss the job you need done. We will ask the correct questions to get the best idea of how the job will be before we arrive so that we know what to expect and what we would need to bring along. We will clearly explain our pricing structure over the phone to you and never spring any hidden costs on you.

There is certain equipment that may need to be used on your job which would incur an extra cost and when you explain the job to us if we think that we may need to use that piece of equipment we will let you know the cost involved for that.

As well as if we think your job would need multiple plumbers to get the job done faster, for example if our Plumber Frankston needed to dig a long trench it would be cheaper to have 2 Plumbers working together than one plumber and we will run you through all of these things in the initial first call.

We will get all of the required information that we need from you straight away and book a job time in if you are happy to go ahead with Using Orbit Plumbing.

During the Job

It’s not always easy to get to every job on time as for example our Mornington Plumber often arrives at someone’s home to install a toilet and then they will ask you to install a kitchen mixer while you are there as well. It’s a hard situation because you do not want to be late although we do not want to be rude to the current customer either, so if it is something we can do reasonably fast we will  just do it otherwise we would ask the current customer if they mind if we come back later.

As well as that Plumbing is very unpredictable and if we are booked to a job to run some pipe in the ground and the customer did not inform us that we would be cutting out concrete as well, to be able to accomplish the job successfully it will take a bit longer than we expected. Regardless of all of this if we are going to be running late we will do our very best to try to call you and inform you that we are running late. Hopefully we don’t run late because we really don’t like to disappoint any of our customers but if we think it will happen we will absolutely endeavor to let you know as soon as possible.

When we first arrive at the job we will ask you to run us through the issues you are having and show our plumber where you have noticed the problem. We will talk you through what we plan on doing to fix the problem and explain why it is occurring. Then we will get started straight away.

If anything unexpected pops up during the job that we could not have known about before starting the job we will inform you about the issue (if you are contactable) and talk you through the added problem and explain what this means and how we plan on rectifying it.

After the Job

After we complete the work at your place we will always make sure you are happy with the end result. We will ask you to try out your new plumbing products or fixed problem. If you are not happy with the result, we will change or rectify what ever you require to ensure you are happy. We want you to be happy with the work we have done for you. If possible we will try to make up your invoice and explain to you were all of the costs involved in your invoice are.

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