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Heat Pump Hot Water Service Delight

So your hot water unit has died and you are researching a good replacement. Orbit Plumbing Somerville is the right place to get the best information. Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers have installed just about every kind of hot water service you can imagine. No matter what kind of hot water service you had previously there is always a solution to change to what ever your preference may be.

The Bosch Compress 3000 Heat Pump in the image below is one of many types of heat pumps available. A heat pump is generally always better efficiency than using most other types of hot water units. Depending on the heat pump in question you can get special government grants to assist in the cost of installing a heat pump.

Orbits Plumber Frankston always informs our customers that if you are replacing an electric hot water system with a new unit it is usually a great idea to swap it with a heat pump instead. With the government grants available at the moment you can spend only a small amount of money more on the install of a heat pump and get huge savings over the life of the unit in your electricity bills.

Plumber Somerville Bosch Compress 3000 Heat Pump Installed

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