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To many of our Mornington Peninsula plumbing customers, having super high water pressure is the dream! Our Plumber Somerville has low water pressure in his home and although he has tried relentlessly, unfortunately this cannot be changed. So why does water pressure vary so much from one home to the next?

Our Frankston plumber explains that water pressure is regulated by plumbing products that are attached onto the water meter. The pressure supplied to your home will depend on the capacity of the valve installed. Current regulations state that all new and updated water meter should have a 500kpa pressure limiting valve attached.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you water pressure is too high then you might risk damaging the plumbing products in your home. Many new products will detail the maximum pressure restrictions in the paperwork you receive with the purchase of your new appliance or fitting. If you are still concerned that your water pressure, call Orbit Plumbing and have a friendly local Mornington plumber check your water pressure and professionally advise on what changes can be made to satisfy your particular requirements.

Frankston Plumbers High Water Pressure

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