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How a heat wave can affect your property | Orbit Plumbing

How a heat wave can affect your property.

Our Mornington Peninsula plumbers have resided in Victoria their whole lives and thus know how unpredictable Melbourne weather can be!

This weeks forecast predicts that our Frankston plumbers will be out working on 31° days this week. Our Mornington plumber assumed that due to last weeks rain, summer was officially over – looks like he spoke too soon.

Warm weather is great for a day at the beach and for drying wet washing but what are some of the ramifications a heat wave can have on the plumbing products in your home? Our Somerville plumber sheds some light on some problems that can arise on your property.

A very common call our Frankston emergency plumbers receive during hot weather is low pressure from their bathroom and kitchen taps. Most commonly the cause of this issue is cracked pipes on the property or high usage of water in your area. You could tell the difference by checking your south east water, water meter and see if it is ticking over while your not using any water or not. You might even see some wet spots on the ground that is strange for a hot day.

The heat from our sun can penetrate through soil and cause storm water pipes to expand and sometimes crack or pull glued joints apart and out of their sockets causing cracks, holes or openings in the line and the noticeable sign of this is a flooded area in your lawn the next time it rains because more than likely after the pipe pulls apart or becomes damaged it will become a blockage in your storm water lines as the soil around caves into the pipe. This is the reason that most of the time when you have a blocked pipe in 90mm PVC it is usually the best option to have an Orbit Plumbing Frankston South Plumber use the drain camera and pipe locator to locate the blockage (if its not already visible) and actually dig it up and repair the pipe properly. Keeping your lawn and garden well fed and watered will help prevent pipes from being affected from the suns heat.

Stay cool and remember you can rely on Orbit Plumbing for any of your plumbing troubles.

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