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How can you have completely free Hot Water? | Orbit Plumbing

Plumber Mornington Water Tank system with Pump

Have you ever wondered whether you can have a system at you place that gives you completely free water. Well I am bout to explain how you can make this Happen.

It is a combination of different plumbing products and the setup will be expensive although after setup is complete you won’t be paying for anymore water.

Firstly you will need to make use of all of your roof space and ensure that the water you are collecting from the roof is as clean as possible. Make sure that the gutters are all covered in leaf guards and the water going into your tank is free of debris and clean.

You could get an Orbit Plumber Frankston to set up a charged storm water system. Which means that all of your down pipes are connected into a leak free PVC pipe network that holds water at all times and uses gravity to feed the water into your tank when it rains.

You will need a water pump and filtration system that is approved for potable water which if you gave us a call we could send our somerville plumber around to install for you.


For your hot water our Mornington Plumbers say that one of the most efficient systems at the moment would have to be a solar hot water system with an electric storage hot water unit as backup when the water gets cold at night. These systems also have a pump that pumps the water around.

I know what your thinking! We need power to power these units.
Plumber Mornington Tesla power Wall photo




Tesla has released a Solar Panel and Battery system called the Tesla Power wall. Grab these puppies and they will power all of your power requirements for all of the products we have spoken about here.

Obviously you will need an electrician to get this system up and running as well.
Well that’s everything, You collect your own water, heat from the sun and power and use these things to have free Hot & Cold Water. All of the Plumbing Products can be installed by a Mornington Peninsula Plumber so feel free to give us a call.

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