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How does a Septic Tank work? | Orbit Plumbing

How does a septic tank work?

Our Tyabb Plumber, Main Ridge Plumber & Red Hill Plumbers are experts with all things septic and are more than willing to help you with your Mornington Peninsula Septic Systems.

In a standard setup your septic tank collects all of the waste water from your home into a tank underground usually made out of concrete or polyethylene. The waste water from your home is made up of shower water which contains body oils, soaps, skin, dirt & grime. It collects urine, poo & toilet paper from your toilets, water, oils and anything else you can think of that goes down the drain.

Orbit Plumbings Plumber Mornington explains that all of these gross things end up in a first stage holding tank. Inside this first stage tank the fecal matter, oils and scum rise to the top of the tank as it is lighter than the water. At the top of the tank a bacteria starts to grow and eat away at the scum at the top of the holding tank. At the same time the solid sludge that is heavier than the water sinks to the bottom of the tank. The Bacteria thriving inside the tank also starts to eat away at this sludge.

This Bacteria is the same bacteria as you would find in a rotting dead animal or in an off tub of Yogurt. Our Frankston Plumbers need to take safety precautions when dealing with septic. The bacteria thrives in the environment of the septic tank and eats all of the sludge away so that your septic tank does not overflow with solids. It is not common that the bacteria can keep up with demand and allowing too many cleaning products to enter the septic tank can minimize the effectiveness of the bacteria so having your septic tank cleaned out once every 3 years is the best way to maintain your septic system.

Our Somerville Plumbers tells us that there is a second stage tank that has an opening towards the bottom / middle of the septic tank where the water (clean of sludge) makes its way from the 1st stage holding tank. There is a tee piece pipe which helps prevent anything except effluent (sewer water excluding solids) exiting the tank to be dispersed across an effluent dispersion field.

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