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How much will a ‘Free Quote’ really cost? | Orbit Plumbing

How much will a ‘Free Quote’ really cost?

Quite often our Mornington Peninsula plumbers are asked the question: “Do you do free quotes?” Unfortunately there really is no such thing as a free quote. This term was created by a tradesman many years ago and probably became very successful by using this sneaky marketing strategy.

The reason our Plumber Somerville explains for not providing free quotes is  that any responsible business should not be able to provide a service without a fee. The businesses who are managing to give out free quotes may be cutting corners on other important things like wages or good quality plumbing products. Our Mornington plumbers know first hand from previous employers that a free quote will most likely be charged to the customer anyway but disguised as parts or labor.

On larger jobs our Frankston plumbers will have to attend the property before the job commences to map out and schedule exactly what needs to be done. We do not classify this as a free quote and this time (normally no longer than 30 minutes) will be added to the final invoice.

Any experienced and honest plumber will be able to tell you an estimated cost of parts and labor for almost any small plumbing job you have. Call Orbit Plumbing today for a realistic and competitive price on your next job.

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