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How To Save Water | Orbit Plumbing

There are many ways to save water to reduce your water bill. You can contact Orbit Plumbing for a Frankston Plumber, Mornington Plumber, Somerville Plumber or a Plumber Mornington Peninsula to reduce your water bill today.

Firstly, it’s important to check all of your water pipes for leaks. This can be done with a simple pressure test. There may be leaks coming from the toilets too so it’s important to keep an eye on that. Toilets can leak a lot of water without you even noticing that it’s happening..

You could also install water-saving tapware throughout your house. A lot of the taps installed in homes are not water-saving and you really don’t need to run the taps that hard.

A great way to cut down on water is to have quick showers. It’s really not that hard when you think about it. Just get in and move like lightning. You don’t need to brush your teeth under the running water in the shower – why not just do it at your basin.

If you do brush your teeth at the basin, then turn the water off after you run water over your toothbrush. So many people leave the water running for a few minutes while they brush their teeth, which is quite wasteful.

Only run your dishwasher or washing machine on a full load, or better yet why not wash your dishes by hand? There’s a lot less water used with one sink bowl full of water compared to the dishwasher running for an hour.

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