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How wild weather can affect your home | Orbit Plumbing

How wild weather can affect your home

Our Somerville plumber has been kept busy lately with blocked drains and leaking roofs. These issues often cannot be avoided but there are a few things we can all do to hopefully prevent plumbing emergencies.

This hasn’t been the spring we had hoped for.. After months of cold wet and windy weather we expected the first month of spring to be filled with sunshine. As we learn more about the wild weather that hit Adelaide yesterday and brace for it to cross the border, Orbit Plumbing Mornington Peninsula plumbers have some tips to ensure you stay safe and dry!

Our Plumber Frankston recommends that your roof gutters be checked for debris and cleaned if necessary 2 to 6 times a year. It will differ greatly depending on whether you have large trees nearby. Aim to have a look at the gutters at the start of each new season to see if they require a clean out, if you not keen on getting up a ladder contact the friendly team at Orbit Plumbing who will be happy to assist.

Our Mornington plumber urges that your safety is paramount and that during heavy rain and storms the safest place for you to be is inside your home. If possible, try not to use the roads and make sure al of your doors and windows are shut. Maybe you could jump online to our online plumbing products store and browse the range while you are waiting for the storm to pass! If you discover that the plumbing in your home has been affected give us a call at Orbit Plumbing for fast friendly service.


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