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If we make a mistake – We will fix it free of charge | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers are expert plumbers in all thing’s Plumbing although they are also human. We are not a company that do make many mistakes in the work that we do although if we do make a mistake once in a blue moon, we will spot it, inform our customer of the mistake and rectify it free of charge immediately.

We won’t try to hide it, cover it up and just hope that nobody see’s it, we will make sure that your work is completed to the highest quality standards at all times as we take great pride in the work we complete and we believe in giving our customers top quality plumbing products.

In the example below our apprentice working with our Plumber Frankston located made a simple mistake just by installing a junction around the wrong way. Our Mornington Plumber noticed this when he came to back fill the job and corrected the mistake. If it had of been left the way it was it can create a way for the pipe to become blocked. Junctions always need to be installed in the direction of the flow of water.

Plumbing is a very versatile trade that involves many different factors. Most people probably don’t realize how much is involved with the trade. If you look around your home and have a think about it, everything plumbing wise from the drainage under the house to the roof and everything in between, there is a lot involved. Luckily our Mount Martha Plumber along with all of our Plumbers are experts in all of these things and you can rely on Orbit Plumbing to do quality work for you.

We are a kind and happy bunch who are not scared to admit our faults, we strive for excellence with every move we make and aim to make sure our customer’s are happy, impressed and confident in our ability to perform fantastic plumbing works.

If you would like to have some plumbing products installed by Orbit Plumbing you can browse our online store or give Daniel a call on 0447 007 178

Plumber Mornington Junction around the wrong way

Plumber Mornington Junction around the right way


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