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Introducing the new Bosch OptiFlow Professional | Orbit Plumbing

Plumber Mornington Bosch Optiflow Professional Instantaneous Hot Water serviceThere’s a new Hot Water unit on the market and it’s taking the plumbing world by storm. Orbit Plumbing’s Plumber Frankston way and Mornington Peninsula Plumber area’s have been installing these wonderfully designed units for the upcoming winter freeze.

The Bosch Hot Water team have designed gorgeous 6 star efficient Instantaneous Hot Water Unit that can meet all of your plumbing needs. Don’t let your Hot Water unit die through winter and have to go through the pain of waiting on a Mornington Plumber to install a new unit days after later. Our Orbit Somerville Plumbers can get these installed immediately.

Lets look at the Viability of installing one of these amazing units at your place.

According to the Sustainability Victoria Website this unit is the cheapest type unit to run annually no matter what situation you are in except for a solar hot water system installation. If you live on your own, live with just you are your partner or have a whole family in your home with you, this unit is cheaper to operate all year round. Better than any storage unit gas or electric.

While now most people have a storage unit these days, times are changing. Orbit Plumbing’s Frankston South Plumbers are installing more and more of these units every day. Most of the time we can just upgrade your gas meter to a high pressure gas meter and possibly run a short extension of 3/4 inch pipe to the new unit to meet the Victorian Building Authorities Regulations and your set to go.

Some jobs do take a whole gas renewal which our Baxter Plumber would be more than happy to help you out with. Usually when this is the case we will have a good chat with you and check to see if you are planning any more installation’s in the future so we can size your pipe appropriately.

These units have a fabulous Industrial design that now meets the look of your other stainless steel fixtures, they have a 6 star efficiency using the OptiFlow Combustion management system and they can also be used as your booster unit for your solar hot water system. They currently come in three model units. The 16L, 20L and the 26L which is the preferred size for most people.

They come as either a preset 50° unit or an adjustable unit which deliverers temperatures between 55° and 70°. You can connect and use up to 4 temperature controllers. All you need now is to give Orbit Plumbing a call to organize a new installation on 0447 007 178.


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