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Is your garden causing blocked drains? | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing’s Somerville plumber has a few tips to share to stop our Mornington Peninsula plumbing customers from suffering with blocked drains. The most common cause of blocked drains according to our Frankston plumber is tree roots. As a tree grows high, the roots burrow through the ground and either wrap around or break through and cause damage to pipes.

Our Plumber Mornington is extremely conscious about the environment and does not think that removing trees is a sustainable solution to avoid blocked drains.. Tree roots take a considerable amount of time to work their way through underground piping, replacing a section of pipe is much better for the environment.

To stop branches and other garden debris from entering and blocking your plumbing products, be sure to regularly gather and remove fallen leaves and sticks and maybe consider installing a retaining wall between your garden and your drain openings. Leaves can be a serious problem inside your gutters so keep them l;eave free as much as possible.

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