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Is your shower leaking? | Orbit Plumbing

Somerville plumbers at Orbit Plumber have fixed hundreds of leaking showers for our Mornington Peninsula plumbing customers over the years and our Plumber Frankston wants to make sure you know what to look out for so that if your shower ever needs attention, you can get it attended to quickly.

Our Mornington plumber explains that one of the most common shower problems Orbit Plumbing see is leaking shower heads. This problem surprisingly has more to do with the taps than it does with the actual shower head. It is caused when the plumbing products inside the shower taps become worn and are not working properly.

When they are working properly the internal washer create a firm seal that ensure that when the taps are turned off that the supply of water is completely closed off and no leaks are present.

If you have any concerns with your shower at home, get it seen to by a friendly Frankston South plumber from Orbit Plumbing and make sure your shower stays in good condition.

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