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Is Your Toilet Water Constantly Running | Orbit Plumbing

If you flush your toilet and the water just keeps running – what to do !  You can call your local plumber Frankston way without further delay.

If you don’t repair the water running it can waste hundreds of litres of water, as its runs 24 hours a day, which means its adding to your water consumption and water bill.

Orbit Plumbing’s expert Mornington Plumber explains that inside your cistern there are moving parts and these wear out over time, there are a number of different reasons your toilet water is running; you can try to stop the water running by fixing it yourself. It can be a relatively easy job however this will depend on the problem, or you can call your friendly local Mornington Peninsula plumber, Orbit Plumbing.

If you think that you want to tackle it yourself, as it could be a minor problem, take the cistern lid off, placing it is a safe place. Then flush the toilet and watch what happens, try to work out the problem is, it’s going to be a process of elimination, it could be the cistern outlet valve or the inlet valve.

If you are not able to fix you toilet water from running, call your local plumber, if the water is running, you can turn the water tap off leading to the toilet, until your plumber arrives. Orbit Plumbing Somerville hopes this helps ………….

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