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Leaking Taps | Orbit Plumbing

Do you have a dripping tap, and is it driving you crazy? That constant drip, drip, drip, drip. You need an Orbit Plumber Mornington Peninsula.

Have you been trying to turn the tap off so hard to stop the leak, you cannot open the tap without a lot of force? and now the tap is not working properly anymore. If that what’s happening then it’s time to call your local plumber Orbit Plumbing, Somerville Plumber.

Not only is a leaking tap annoying, it also wastes water, just one drip at a time but this equates to hundreds of litres over time if left untreated, adding to your water usage, utility costs.

Our Mornington Plumber is trained to check if you need new taps or if we can repair your existing spindles and Tapware. Servicing your Tapware spindles is not always recommended, if the spindles are damaged or deteriorated over time and are in a state of non-repair. Orbit Plumbing, Frankston Plumber, when installing new taps, will always check the spindles and discuss the options with the our customer, for the most cost effective method to either replace or repair. When Orbit Plumbing replace taps we also replace with new washers ‘0’ rings, clean the spindles add lubrication.


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