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Making the most out of your solar hot water | Orbit Plumbing

Do you find that you have a low amount of daylight hours, or your solar hot water system is not in an optimal position? ( Which is normally facing north)

Our Plumber Frankston tells us that you can continue to have hot water, by combining your solar hot water with an instantaneous gas hot water system. Orbit Plumbing, our specialist Mornington Plumber can help you to assess the current hot water situation and provide their professional advice and provide a solution to any Solar hot water issues or problems you may have.

There are many other reasons why you should have an instantaneous hot water system. They guarantee an endless supply of hot water, they only heat the water you are using, they don’t take up much room, its fresher water that is used, and they on average  last longer than storage hot water systems.

There are different sizes (measures in flow rates).  The flow rate required is determined by how much water you use at once. Our Mornington Peninsula Plumber tells us for example, if there are multiple showers running, you will need a slightly larger unit.

You may be considering to purchase a new solar hot water system there are many different types so its important to research the unit best for you and your families needs:  two of these are the Close Coupled System and the other Flat Plate Solar System.

A solar close coupled system is a storage tank and the solar collectors are fixed together and installed on the roof.

Flat Plate Solar Systems consist of a ground mounted storage tank that is installed separately to the collectors mounted on the roof. A small pump circulates the water from the cylinder through to the collectors.

Need more information talk to one of our plumbers for the best choice for you, you can call Orbit Plumbing one of our specialist Plumber Somerville can assist, alternatively Daniel can attend a consultation for a small cost.

Orbit Plumbing Flat Plate Solar Hot Water System Orbit Plumbing Close Coupled Solar Hot Water System

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