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Mixer tap ware and their cartridges | Orbit Plumbing

The alternative to using standard taps and definitely the more modern approach is to have our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers install mixers in place of your old taps. Mixers come in all shapes and sizes. You can get them as upright mixers that sit up on a basin, sink or bench top or you can get wall mixers that can again be used for all fixture types but are more commonly used as shower tap ware.

Orbit’s Plumber Frankston way explains that these mixers have an internal body called a mixer cartridge which houses most of the mechanics involved with mixes. If you have a leak coming from a mixer, sometimes a good way to resolve the issue is to replace the mixer’s plumbing products (Cartridge) and rebuild the external body which can be a cheaper alternative to replacing the mixer entirely.

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Plumber suggests that replacing a cartridge in a mixer is not the solution to all of your mixer problems as there are so many more components that make up a mixer and it will need to be determined by the plumber whether or not the cartridge can be replaced or the whole mixer will need to be replaced.

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