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Never fear, your trench digging plumber is here | Orbit Plumbing

Have you got some plumbing products that need installing below ground? You should know that our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers are well trained in operating heavy machinery and we can get your job done fast with great precision.

Orbit Plumbing Frankston has had many years of experience in mechanical excavation and can arrive at your place and dig out straight trenches with perfect gradient in record timing.

We use multiple size excavators and other heavy equipment depending on the size of the job that needs to be done so that we can achieve the required work in the best time possible. When digging very large trenches it is usually a good idea to select larger size excavators as they can chew through the ground at a much faster pace then smaller machines.

Before doing any excavation work our Somerville Plumber or Mornington Plumber will get asset data from dial before you dig and we will use our special locating equipment to find any possible hazards under the ground.

Plumber Mornington Long trench dug with Excavator Plumber Mornington Peninsula Tank stormwater overflow

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