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Orbit Plumbing can organise your electrical as well

Orbit Plumbing Mornington install a lot of plumbing products that are not only plumbing related but also require an electrical component as well. When our Plumber Frankston way gets to install a new hot water unit, a lot of the time these hot water services don’t just run on gas. An instantaneous hot water service most of the time requires a power point for the electric ignition and we are seeing these instant hot water unit’s being installed in place of the gas storage units more and more frequently as time goes on.

If you require an electric storage hot water unit or a heat pump hot water system these units will require a hardwired connection unless you request our Mornington Peninsula Plumber to supply a small 50 Liter plug in unit. Some other appliances that may require an electrical connection would be a solar hot water system. These will normally run a pump and most probably require more than just the one power solution.

There is also pool and spa heaters, gas stove tops, electric ovens, range hoods, pumps, heaters and probably a whole lot more. When you call to get any of these jobs done and you require us to sort out the power for you as well, our Somerville Plumber can organize the licensed electrician to make sure the job gets done without any disruption.

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